Struggling to find bridesmaid dresses

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MrsJoeDuffy Posts: 48
Evening ladies. Struggling to find bridesmaid dresses for 2 x bridesmaids, one Dublin based, one London based (myself neither Dublin nor London based). One a size 8, no curves, the other 16ish, lots of curves. My ideal color is dark red/raspberry red. On a tight budget so looking at high street. Looked at red dresses in Old reliable Coast but they are all orangey red. Doubting my lovely color scheme of red and cream :( Anyone see lovely red dresses on their travels?
MrsJoeDuffy Posts: 48
Cranberry is my ideal colour
BroodyAllen Posts: 79
Debenhams are a good shout and many are on sale now: [url:1mslvoun][/url:1mslvoun] [url:1mslvoun][/url:1mslvoun] [url:1mslvoun][/url:1mslvoun]
MrsJoeDuffy Posts: 48
Thank you! The Debs where I live isn't great . I did see the third dress you linked today's- in John Lewis on promotion. £104! Some Euro mark up
shinney3 Posts: 21
have a look at pamela scott, think they have dresses to see online. gorgeous dresses, suited my size 8 small boobs, size 12 v v tall big boobs, and size 16 small hippy pal, (all descriptions come from them by the way!). gorgeous dresses
Gizobel Posts: 207
[quote="MrsJoeDuffy":w76g13ca]Thank you! The Debs where I live isn't great . I did see the third dress you linked today's- in John Lewis on promotion. £104! Some Euro mark up[/quote:w76g13ca] I also got mine in Debenhams, I would suggest bringing your BMs up to Henry Street in Dublin if at all possible and have an hour or two of trying on different colours and styles. I had my heart set on purple but when I saw the peach versions I was in love, they were gorgeous on so that's what I went with! And all the girls liked them too which was a great bonus. I waited til they went on sale and then ordered from the UK site/ parcel motel :cool
MrsJoeDuffy Posts: 48
The co-ordinations across three cities is half the problem lol! I'm open to new colours. Part of me wants to ditch the colour scheme!
poppingcandy Posts: 593
Debenhams have 25% off all this week so have a look online. Also, the dresses I want are €50 cheaper on the UK Debenhams website so def worth the comparison!
MrsJoeDuffy Posts: 48
I can't believe the mark up! I'd nearly hop in the car and travel north not to pay the euro prices. Madness.
MrsJoeDuffy Posts: 48
Dramatic ditching of the red colour scheme today. Going with these dresses 60 in UK debenhams. Nice floaty vintage feel about them. No chance of being mistaken going to a Christmas party. Was having nightmares about my poor bridesmaids looking like glam Santa elves.