Sweet Table,Iceream cart,Photobooth or Videobooth?!

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elga Posts: 16
Hi girls, I can't seem to create a poll but would love to hear which of the above you would like to see at a wedding? Also would it be ok to have instead of table favours? Decisions, decisions!!! Thanks :thnk
puddin2 Posts: 1093
Hi elga I had the same decision as you and decided to go for the Videobooth as it will be a great momento of the day for us to have. It will be there the whole day and night and will be collected the next day. The DVD will be sent to us then after - will be excited to watch it and see what people have to say. It will probably be funnier as the night goes on :hic
GalwayDubBride Posts: 177
We are going to make our own photobooth to make it look like a wall in an old house you know vintage style wallpaper and vintgage frames containing pics of us as children and as a couple, and also our little girl, we are going to leave a box of props for people to use if they wish to get some nice pics if they go in behind the wall. Our photographer is staying until after 1st dance so should have a good few extra pics from it aswell, our videographer does a videobooth sort of thing at then end of the dvd, he goes around the room with one of the bridal party doing well wishes and advice from the guests. Ive seen it on a good few of his dvds and they are funny especially after a few drinks. The sweet table we were going to do but decided on little boxes left on tables for afters with Love Heart Sweets in just purely for expense, and then we'll have ferrero trees left at the reception room enterance for the evening arrival guests as were having a small day with big afters. We are also toying with the idea of fire breathers at the afters arrival, as we want it to be like the beginning of a big party.
veggie84 Posts: 179
We are going for a video booth and a mini sweettable
mrs2013 Posts: 213
Were going for the photobooth and were thinking about a sweet table.
Lollysbride Posts: 73
were doing a sweet table, would love to do an ice cream cart, but havent seen or heard of this in the area..
Lindy79 Posts: 460
I've organised family days and events for my company for the past 5 years and one negative about ice cream fridges is that you have to think about power running to the fridge in an area that it might not normally be (say in a drinks reception venue) which can create problems in the hotel. If you go down the ice cream van route, make sure that there is a large outdoor area where a lot of people will be, otherwise it wont be seen and then it goes to waste.
bales Posts: 574
Sweet table I think!Was a great hit at a wedding I was at recently.
miss may b Posts: 528
We're doing a sweet table and toying with the idea of a photobooth but I suppose we'd need to get our skates on if H2B is to make one!!
R2theB Posts: 1660
I think we're going to have an ice-cream cart/bike but it's doubling as our dessert as we're having a bbq and no cake so thought it would be suitable. I'm also planning to paint a big funny cutout that people can stand in and get photos, you know the ones you stick your faces in(?), maybe a bride and groom one or a circus style strongman and bearded lady, or combine both! :)