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Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
Hi all Had my GP appointment today and hes not happy with the swelling, my legs are pretty bad. face swells too, blood pressure is also up. Hes afraid the veins will start next so he wants to see me in 2 weeks and see how i am getting on and if still bad he wants me to take time off work and rest rest rest, so hope it eases soon. Anyone else have this problem? im only 26 weeks so its early for this. My job is desk job so im not standing for long periods. feel a bit miserable and feeling sorry for myself now. :o(
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
hiya My friend has this also and she also sat down at work all day so I don't think it really matters. She was signed off for a week at a time (twice I think) and once she was rested the swelling went away. Try not to worry - I know thats not easy :xxx
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
thanks mrs sunflower, thats what my doc said as well, maybe work 2 weeks and take off 1 week etc etc, so ill consider that, ill do anything, once the baby is ok thats the main thing. :thnk
silíní Posts: 4219
Take time off pet, i had this too and ended up with pre-eclampsia, was induced 3 weeks early... So if you feel in any way crap or VERY swollen, go to GP as soon as you can.......... Dont be scared though, they are very careful with this and will keep a good eye on you! S
Mrs Electric Posts: 1939
Im off the 1st week sep so if i feel better that week ill cut my hours and resr, thats the last thing i want. There was no protein in my urine so thats something. is there other symtoms with that? i heard you can get bad headcahes, ive none so far.