Tails for Groom which trousers suits best?

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Grapes Posts: 72
Tails for Groom which trousers suits best? I’m getting conflicting opinions from rental shop owners? As our colour scheme is gold we were advised by one shop to go with all black ie. Tails and trousers and by another shop in a different town (Munster) to go with black tails jacket and stripped grey and black trousers? I’m a bit confused now which is the in style. Any opinions would be appreciated.
wifin Posts: 4761
i would just go by whatever you think looks best. People can pay too much attention to what's 'in'. Have a look through the various suiting websites to see the different options or even get your h2b to try a number of different combinations and see which suits [b:1inppsk7]him[/b:1inppsk7] best :wv
Gabby Posts: 2873
H2B said he did not want to wear tails a cravat or a wasitcoat I said tat was fine and we went to the suit hire place. He tried on three different styles of jackets etc and ended up hiring tails waistcoat and cravat cos they looked the best. They have to go and see what they are comfy in and what looks good on them
wifin Posts: 4761
we had a similar situation thats why i suggested going to try on. H2b is a 'fiancé in my pocket' so thought that a long jacket would make him look even smaller but he tried one on anyway and absolutely loved it. They are no different to how we were with our e-rings and dresses....they need to try on :wv
slinkyminx Posts: 650
Hi Grapes I had the same dilemma last weekend when we went into town to arrange the suit hire. I had it in my own mind that the men would be wearing black tails & the black & grey pinstripe trousers - but when H2B tried them on, he really didn't like the pinstripe - so he tried on the black trousers & black tails - absolutely handsome...Go with whatever he feels best in! :lvs
wowee Posts: 1596
I like the black tails with striped trews..