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Cowslip Posts: 761
Hi girls, I have been temping for the past couple of months. Both months I had a temp drop the day af arrived, which I already knew was coming due to cramps etc...I had a 12 day luteal phase. Today I am 9DPO and I got a huge temp drop this morning, right down to rock bottom. I went back to sleep and woke up an hour later and took it again, this time it was back up to 36.7, as it was yesterday and every day for the past few days. My question is, is there such a thing as a false temp reading ? Both my arms were outside the cover when I woke up and we had the window open, could that have caused a lower temp reading ? Its just that I don't feel like af is coming at all, no cramps or anything. I will also be very annoyed if my af comes early, it was due on Monday, as it will mess up nexts months ttc plan so much I doubt we will get to bd at all around ovulation. DH travels a lot with work.... I know I am clutching at straws and tomorrows temp reading will tell all but I thought that maybe some of you who have read 'Taking Charge of your Fertility' might know. I plan to buy this if I get my af this month.... All comments appreciated....
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
Lucy loo - I don't want to get your hopes up but there is such a thing as implantation dip which occurs about a week or so after fertilisation. When the fertilised egg is implanting, a dip in temp can occur. But obviously there are other things to consider - did you take it at the same time as usual this morning (the first time)? If your temp was normal the second time i wouldn't worry too much, sometimes the body can do funny things. It would be unusual for your af to come so early aswell. I'd say your temp will be up again tomorrow. Good luck!
Cowslip Posts: 761
Thanks Mrs Peg.. I did take the first one at the same time as normal. As much as I want a BFP, after the temp drop this morning I would be happy with my af arriving at the normal time. I have a lovely weekend away planned with dh for this weekend and would hate af to spoil it ! Oh, but what a weekend we would have if I got a BFP :o)ll
Cowslip Posts: 761
Mrs Peg ! I read in another post that you are due af on Monday as well ! We are twins this month ! I hope we both get a BFP ! I have never tested, always wait until af is late, and it hasn't been yet, but if my temps go back up tomorrow I will tempted to do an early response then..but then I would be worried that a BFN would put me in bad humour for the weekend ! I'll have to see....
bridezilla2008 Posts: 34
OK I'm not suggesting you're crazy or anything but are you sure you did take it the first time? I take my temps in farenheit and they're usually 97.2-97.7 before ovulation and 98.0-98.5 upwards after ovulation. When AF is due they start to slide down a few days beforehand. About a day before my AF was due last week I dreamt that my temp was 96.0 and I was gutted, I didn't realise it was a dream when I woke first and when I realised it was only a dream I took my temp and it was 98.5. I got my BFP a day or 2 later they say pregnancy makes you have weird dreams. I have TCOYF beside my bed and it suggests rather than worrying about individual temps, its the pattern that matters so you'll have to wait til tomorrow morning and see what your temp is then.
Mrs Peg Posts: 1778
That's mad lucy! Yeah, due on mon - will struggle not to test over the weekend but the thoughts of a bfn and making me strong! Good luck to u too :)
Cowslip Posts: 761
Hi Bridezilla, No, I definitely took my temp the first time. I was surprised at how quickly it beeped when it was ready and thought I might cry when I saw the temp. I then got up to use the bathroom and took temp again while I was at it, it was the same, then took it again when I woke again an hour later and it was 36.7 but that doesn't really count as I hadn't been asleep for long enough... Pre ov I am normally around the 36.1 mark, it goes up and down a bit, then after ov I go up to 36.6 - 36.7. I have been 36.7 for the past few days except today, when I had gone back down to 36.1 A temp dip like this so long before af is due doesn't seem right and I don't have any cramps either. Last month I had really bad cramps on the Sunday night and sure enough af was there Monday morning along with a temp plummet back down to 36.1. Fingers crossed my temp has risen again tomorrow.....I might buy a first response test this evening just in case..although I said I would never get into the early testing thing...... My temps over the next few days will tell all anyway...oh how I would love a BFP !
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Hi Lucy-Loo, Was just looking back over my chart on FF from the month I got the bfp, and like you, pre OV temps were about 36.1. After OV my temp climbed gradually up to about 36.7. At 7dpo, I had a temp drop to 36.3 (turned out that this was when implantation was happening). I know it's not such a drastic drop in temperature as yours, but just wanted to let you know that it could be a good sign. Best of luck, fingers crossed for you ;)
Cowslip Posts: 761
Oh wow jellybaby ! That does sound good ! Thanks ! I am feeling so much more hopeful now. This morning I was really pissed off, firstly because I thought I was out of the race for a BFP, and secondly because I thought that af would turn our romantic weekend twosome into a threesome and thirdly because my dates would be thrown right off for next month and we wouldn't even get to bd around ovulation ! But now things are looking up and maybe we won't need to bd next month because I will already be preggars ! Oh please may this work out ! :pray: Good luck to you too Mrs Peg !
Spice Bride Posts: 558
Sorry to hijack post. Would love some advice on temping. Since I've started trying to temp I've realised how bad a sleep pattern I have. I normally let DH's alarm wake me, cos he has to get up before me, but most mornings I've woken before that and then dozed again, or not. So I'm not waking at the same time every morning and as such my temps are off. How do you manage to take your temps at the same time every morning? Setting your own alarm clock would seem like the obvious answer. If you wake before it would you just calculate back on the 1/10 for every half hour? Some mornings I could wake at 5 and am bleary eyed trying to take temperate and see time on clock. Any advice appreciated.