Temping when pregnant?

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MissSindyhead Posts: 560
Hi all, Just wondering if anyone does this? I know people do it when they are trying to conceive but is it of any benefit to keep it up when pregnant? Cheers, Jabba
Salander Posts: 1639
Mooches Posts: 875
I think Salander means temping as in temporary work but I reckon you mean the temping as in taking your temperature every morning!!! :o0 Easy mistake!!! I temped for over a year before I got BFP and for the first 2 weeks afterwards I temped because (1) it was a habit and (2) it was reassuring to see the temps staying high. BUT... I would recommend proceeding with caution... one morning about 2 weeks ago hubby asked me to turn down radio alarm clock so I leaned up and turned it down and had forgotten to temp so temped after I'd done that and I totally freaked myself out as all my temps before had been 97.9something and that temp was 97.5 so for the whole day I had myself worried sick that something was wrong and every cramp and twinge was a sign and I was on knicker watch all day, it was awful! I haven't been sleeping well since I got my BFP, wake up a good few times in the night, too hot, too cold, uncomfortable, bloated, need to go to the loo etc. so I reckon that would mess up temps anyway. I temped the other day after I had really bad cramps all night and had myself worried and it was good to see a 98.something temp I must say. I still have thermometer close to hand but it's only for reassurance but I'm hoping to only use it when I need that positivity. Sorry my post is a bit rambly, hope it's of some help to you. (and if I was way off and Salander was on the ball sorry you had to read all that! :-8 ) :wv
ReginaFalange Posts: 10290
Anything I've read on temping says that you should stop after you ahve your 18 highs to confirm pregnancy. Temps can go up and down during pregnancy and there is no point in freaking yourself with a low temp. IMO- there is really nothing to be gained from temping while you are pregnant. :wv
athas Posts: 240
Agree with the others, i continued temping for about 3 weeks when i was pregnant with DS, more habit then anything. After that i temped about three times, 2 of the temps were below my coverline and i completely freaked out. Rang hospital who thought i was a right nut-job! Everything worked out fine in the end!
MissSindyhead Posts: 560
Cheers for the replies girls. Have kept up the temping as had a mc last time and first scan is ages away so I'm desperate for anything that will offer reassurance. As people have said tho, it doesn't offer any concrete reassurance really as it can be unreliable so I'll probably give up. Salander, an easy mistake to make...I should have been more specific. Not even sure that "temping" is the correct word to use for taking your temperature. It just popped into my head.
Salander Posts: 1639
my bad! sorry i just had the other one on my mind. :duh: i blame the ol hormones making me a bit silly!! :o0 hope it all goes well for you.