Tens - anyone got an inhealth code & which model?

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MrsMuffin Posts: 43
Morning ladies, I want to buy a TENS machine and seems that inhealth has a good selection.. Does anyone have a code for the inhealth website for the 10% discount? Thanks .. Also just wondering which ones you went for and if you found them good (there's a real difference in price and can't ask at my antenatal class as isn't till next week and think I should get Tens sooner than that..) Thanks for your info :wv
nomla Posts: 787
They recommended "MediTans XP" Labour Pain Relief developed by Neurotech model at our ante natal class. I have bought it; but still waiting to us it!! It can also be used after labour if u have back pain etc. Seemingly it is about E40 to hire for five weeks; but if you sepnd the E90 or E85 at least you have it for keeps if it is good and you go on to have more babies or if heaven forbide you have back pain after (really hoping i won;t)
aj28 Posts: 43
Hi The code JAN2411 is for 10% discount and is valid until 31st of Jan. :wv
MrsMuffin Posts: 43
Nomla and Aj38 thanks so much for your replies - took your advise Nomla and ordered the MediTens XP machine yesterday and used the code you posted AJ so got €9 off :o)ll Thanks again :wv