The Peachtree, Clane

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Mrs Peg Bundy Posts: 2515
Has anyone used this beauticians? Any recommendations? Thanks
irelandbride Posts: 135
I was wondering the same thing....I've walked by there a few times and there is never anyone in there. I think I might book an appointment there this week and feel it out. I'll let you know if I do.
Mrs Peg Bundy Posts: 2515
Thanks Ireland. Whereabouts is it? I found it on the internet, but haven't seen it yet. Was thinking of trying them for a manicure and french polish.
ChristmasBride Posts: 13
The Peach Tree is just off the main street in Clane. From the Prosperous end.......go down the main st. and instead of going around the bend at Manzor's towards Dublin, go straight on by Centra. (its know as the Ballinagappa or Doctor's Road). There is about 3 shop units up there on the right hand side, a shoe shop, a kids clothes shop & the last unit is the Peachtree. Hope this helps :)
Mrs Peg Bundy Posts: 2515
Thanks Christmas. I know exactly where it is now. :wink:
irelandbride Posts: 135
Well, I tried the Peach Tree today in Clane, Co. Kildare. I have to say I've never had a facial before and it was great. It was very quiet and relaxed with a slow pace and soothing music in the background. I had the basic facial and the woman who worked with me also told me what things I could do to improve the nature of my skin on my own. I just expected something basic, but I was wrong. Also included in the price of the facial was a hand and back massage. So, I certainly recommend it. Enjoy! website:
shellem Posts: 410
highly recommend it Peg - Danielle and Isabel are so nice and excellent at what they do - a lot of which can be fairly pain free if you get my drift! The spray tan from there is the best I've ever had done as well.....the peachtree will be my second home in the run up to the big day!
Coors Posts: 20
Peg, I've been to the Peach Tree a few times now, The two girls are real nice and the place is lovely, real relaxed. I've booked Isobel for the day of the wedding and they have no problem coming to the house to do the makeup. The spray tan is great aswell, I had it done last week for my Hen and it turned out real well so defo getting it done for the wedding. She rang and everything to see if I was happy with it. Going for a facial this week now and really looking forward to that.
Mrs Peg Bundy Posts: 2515
Thanks for the feedback on this. I've my makeup arranged and I'm happy with it, but I'll definatley try the Peachtree for other little bits and pieces.