things for gift basket....need ideas

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littlechick Posts: 758
My sister is due a baby early May. I want to make up a gift basket for her for when the baby is born. I suppose I can put in things for baby and things for her too (mostly baby though). This is the first baby in our family so we are all very excited however I'm not very clued in on baby things. I know I have ages but i will be picking up little things here and there. The baby is going to be bottle fed if that makes any difference! Any tips you could give me for basket fillers I would be so delighted. What did you find good to have to hand when your baby was born??? PS: do newborns use baby bath and shampoo and all that kind of stuff???? :wv
jmeath Posts: 5740
Sudocream Wipes Cotton Wool Cotton Buds Baby Shampoo Scratch Mits Teddy Towel Maybe a nice body lotion and stuff for mam My autie does these up for any family/friends having a baby!
mrssunflower Posts: 3651
Nappies in size 1 and 2 baby on board sign for the car baby bubble bath hat mittens bibs dummy gripe water - if you can get some baby first aid pack
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
What a lovely idea. We got 2 big gift baskets when our LO was born and I have to say they were the best presents!!! I'd recommend the following: Sudocrem (lots of it) Vaseline (lots of it) Cotton Wool, not a big roll of it, squares of it (A new babies bum gets cleaned with cotton wool and water, the roll stuff gets stuck to babies bum!) Johnsons and Johnsons shampoo, top and tail wash, bath soak, baby oil, moisturising lotion etc. Plain white vests with short and long sleeves (age 3-6 months). A baby journal (a book to keep record of babies milestones, do you know them books?) Nappies, don't get newborn ones though, they grow out of these quite quick and she'll probably get a lot of presents of small nappies. A few packs never ever go astray! Muslin Squares - you can get them in Next or Marks and Sparks. Bibs - lots of bibs! Blankets - some nice blankets, lovely ones in Mamas and Papas. Toys - a teddy, or rattler, something cute for baby! Babygros, you can never have enough - size 3-6 mths A little first aid kit for baby - it'll have a thermometer, nail clippers, nose cleaner, medicine dispenser, stuff like that There's no point in getting bottles unless you know which ones she plans to use. We also got a beaker, little spoons, jars for putting food in - they came in really handy, it's amazing how quick you start needing these things! And you really have to buy your sister something special, it's so important not to forget about the new mammy. Maybe some nice makeup, new lipgloss, blusher, eyeshadow, mascara - that'll go down nicely! Enjoy shopping! :o)ll
littlechick Posts: 758
thanks so much girls, ye are giving me great ideas. :thnk Any more welcome :wv
Woodstock Posts: 1565
(apologies in advance for hijacking your thread) The baby hamper is a great idea as you get to put in things you picked yourself so it's very personal, as opposed to buying one already made! My SIL is expecting and I'd love to do up one of them too for her! Girls your ideas are brilliant! can i ask a silly question? What do you use as a 'basket'? Do you actually buy a wicker basket or do you use a fancy box? And then, do you get the transparent wrapping paper and do up the wrapping/packaging yourself? What does the finished product look like? Thx :thnk
tinyfairy Posts: 1536
I got 2 baskets, I know one of them was bought in a local chemist and the other was bought in a shop called Purple - a kind of brick and brack shop. Bought of mine where wrapped in plastic with a big ribbon/bow on top. I don't know where they got the plastic from!! Or a big box would be a lovely idea too. Nappies can take up so much room you need a big box/basket..
littlechick Posts: 758
I know my local chemist makes up these baskets for all occasions so I was going to ask them if I could just buy a basket but I was talking to a friend of mine and telling her my idea and she said she has a lovely basket at home that her mother got as a christmas pressie that was full of stuff. They have taken out all the stuff and now the basket is empty so she said i could have it, happy days!! PS: loving all the ideas :thnk
NewGirl Posts: 1143
A great pressie would be a digital thermometer, a little exp (aprox 60) but brilliant to have. for the hamper these are things I picked up along the way but would be great to have in the house even they are not used for a couple of mth. Calpol Nurofen bonjella/caljel teetha (teething granules) karvol & snufflebabe- for when they are conjested teething ring type toys (tommy tipee do great range available in most chemists) plenty of towels, small hand towels are fine (ds was puky) Weaning spoons/bowls/books etc - Annanbel karmel is quite popular Hand Blender - (doesnt need to be exp - I picked up one for 6stg and its brilliant) Bibs socks vests - all sizes, long & short sleeved babygro - all sizes Grobag - any size cotton pads - the big ones.
jess08 Posts: 481
Instead of a basket you could put everything into a baby bath, more usefull and from only E10 in Mothercare.