Thrush at 33wks

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Astra25 Posts: 83
Hi Girls, Just wondering if any of ye have/had this? Was on antibiotics last week and reckon I am after dev thrush. Do I need to get checked out or can I use Canesten while pregnant over the counter. Thanks
Car2318! Posts: 53
Hi As far as I am aware its very common for pregnant women along with Urinary Tract Infections. I thought you can't get Canestan over the counter in Ireland (can in UK) but need a prescription here. Perhaps its the tablets I am thinking of and not the cream. Cranberry Juice is a great natural remedy or natural yoghurt. Would ring my GP before taking anything else though.
bride. Posts: 3014
I had it as well and got canestan cream and pessary after advice from gp. The pessary is available over counter and is suitable for pregnant women. Seems to have done the trick.
bellabella Posts: 2750
Sit in the bath for ten minutes in tepid water using 3 big spoons of salt. Cotton underware and no soaps in showers.Maybe the yoghurt on an st as you can't use tampons (i think) during pregnancy.Drink 2 actimels a day. hope you are ok. Also say it to your doc.
MeWimmysBaby Posts: 456
According to the Rotunda midwives the pessary is perfectly ok to use right up until the end. However just a word of warning. B**ts wouldn't sell me the pessary over the counter when I was very heavily pregnant as they could see I was obviously pregnant (38/39 weeks). I argued with them saying that my midwife had said that it was perfectly ok for me to take it but they told me they needed a doctors note. Anyway sent DH down later on to get it. They asked him was I pregnant and he lied and said no and was sold it no problem.