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JULYBRIDE Posts: 200
I was thinking of getting Tiara and Necklace made by either Viven Walsh and Rangoli. Has any of ye brides got tiara's made and by whom. I have no idea what price range they may be should i expect the worst !!! Also had in mind getting neckalce made for bridesmaid and use them as thier gift. Would love to hear recommendations. Thanks
Sassy Posts: 2269
A friend of mine got her tiara last year by Rangoli. Its a lovely one, not a big one though. She also got the matching necklace. The tiara was about €180 and the necklace was €150. I'm not getting married till september but i will be going to her for my tiara, as she makes everything hand made to suit you. You just call into her and let her know your budget and she'll so you what she can do. I personal think her stuff is quite expensive for bridesmaids presents but thats just my opinion. Hop this has helped.
Minxie Posts: 884
I love Rangoli! I love Aisling and I think her stuff is amazing. I went with my BM last week and just picked out a few things. Have to say I nearly collapsed with the price. I was looking at a comb for 250 euro!!! She does use the swarvoski crystals though....so thats probably why, they're the best!
elfen Posts: 244
hi I have my eye on a Vivian Walsh Tiara - fab but 195 euro! :shock:
bridesrus Posts: 917
Does she have a website? I have never heard of her or seen her stuff before. :oops:
JULYBRIDE Posts: 200
Try www.Rangoli.com, hav you heard of Tiara by Mia
JULYBRIDE Posts: 200
Correct address is www.rangoli.ie, Also got a good contact for Magill Jewellers in Monaghan Lorraine marlow