tiara turned yellow-any suggestions?

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cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
i got a lovely silver tiara on ebay from an eaby shop its silver flowers with a few diamontes on it, i have it wrapped in tissue paper and in a box but its turned yellow all around the flowers-i know it want expensive but i really like it has anyone any ideas on what it might be or how to get rid of it? Thanks
laura1982 Posts: 174
Bring it to a jewellers!!!!!!! it was prob just sprayed silver and when it is it just tends to wear off!!!!!
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
ginger nut Posts: 5989
you could try getting one of those silver polish cloths (you can get them in bigger supermarkets and jewellers) and give it a little rub. If it is silver it might be just a bit of tarnish. If you're not sure what it's made of though it would be a good idea to ask a jeweller like the other poster said.
bridesrus Posts: 917
A silver cloth will bring the shine back to it - they nearly all start to tarnish after a while - but it should come up a treat O-O
cheer bear bride Posts: 3731
k i know im sounding dim here but whats a silver polishing cloth and where would i get such a thing??
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
argos have them, or any jewellers