Time off after you go back to work

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firefly78 Posts: 312
Does anyone know where I can find out about this? A friend of mine went back to work on a four day week and it's something to do with the days she is entitled to because she has a baby??? Obviously she has a drop in salary but just curious. Also another girl I work with works the 5 days but takes 6 weeks off during summer instead - Think it's the same thing thay are taking but not sure what it's called. thanks!
jarashow Posts: 3083
It's parental leave and it depends on the company how you can take it, either a day per week or in a block of weeks etc. Check on your protal if you have one or contact your HR and they will be able to advise.
arsenal09 Posts: 286
You are entitled to 14 weeks in total until your child reaches 8 years of age i think.
firefly78 Posts: 312
oh thats great thanks girls! love this!