Time to see the dress again

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watcat2016 Posts: 16
So, this weekend I am going to see my dress for the first time since ordering it before Christmas. I'm excited but nervous at the same time and hope it's all I remember and that I love it as much as I did when I ordered it. Has anyone else had the same feelings before the first fitting?
CasualBride Posts: 574
Yes and I was happy when I saw it again!! I was really worried that I'd have gone off it, because I bought it kind of spontaneously; I had tried on so many that I didn't like, that I worried afterwards that I'd rushed into buying one that I did like, without taking time to try on more styles but that wasn't the case.. when I opened the bag, I had a little smile to myself, I was happy!! :lvs
Auntienic Posts: 11
I was really nervous before seeing my dress again, had almost nearly forgotten what it was like! Felt a huge sense of relief when I saw it again and now I'm so excited to wear it!! Best of luck with your fitting!
watcat2016 Posts: 16
Great, thanks ladies! looks like I'm not alone on feeling a bit jittery before seeing it again. makes it all so real!!!
MissyM67 Posts: 337
[quote="watcat2016":1144ui3m]Great, thanks ladies! looks like I'm not alone on feeling a bit jittery before seeing it again. makes it all so real!!![/quote:1144ui3m] A little gentle word of caution [i:1144ui3m]in case[/i:1144ui3m] it doesn't all go so perfect and you're wondering what's wrong with you (hopefully not though!). When I went for my first fitting (10 months after picking it)... although I still loved the dress itself, I didn't think it looked very flattering on me, so felt a bit disappointed. It was really just because it still had to be taken in a bit, steamed (was a bit creased), and get cups sewn in. Also I looked wrecked, and had no makeup on, so that didn't help :yelrotflmaosmilie: I remember feeling quite deflated as no one had warned me this could happen. However..... On the day itself, with all the final tailoring and steaming done, my hair and makeup looking great, I put on the dress and I absolutely loved it - it was perfect!! :heartbeat: So remember, just in case this happens at the fitting... you will love it on the day :hyper: