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Char27 Posts: 376
My 3 week old is showing signs of needing a soother. I was hoping to avoid this by getting her to suck her thumb but she is tongue tied and having difficulty with this. Was anyone else originally against having a soother and then changed their mind? Thanks in advance :-)
lilytiger Posts: 536
Me!! I was totally against the idea but when DS1 was born and ended up in the neonatal unit, he was sucking away on his fingers and the midwife says "would ya not give him a dodi" so I felt so bad, I did. He loved it from the get go and would take any type of dodi at all so wasn't a bit fussy about nipples or anything. Then I heard that they can help prevent SIDS and I was happy enough with my decision. On DS2, I actually persevered from 3 weeks old to about 9 weeks to get him to take a dodi as he was succesfully BFing and was looking to be on the breast constantly so I was trying to get something into him to tide him over. You might think, why bother trying for so long given he didn't really want one, but I was so wrecked from the constant and I knew how much of an actual pacifier it was from DS1. He found great comfort in it when he was teething and it was great to pop it in any time there was any bump or bruise for comfort. He still takes it now but it's only for bedtime and he knows not to even ask for it at any other time during the day, however I know I will have a bottle on my hands when I go to get rid of it. My phn told me that after 3 weeks of not having it, he won't remember ever having it, although with the other fella sucking on one in front of his face, I don't know how true that is!!
Daisy Row Posts: 3650
I had no definite decision made before baby was born, we said we'd just see how it goes. After a couple of weeks and the constant BF we decided to give it a try. I think she was 3 weeks when she started to take it, bought the ones designed for breast fed babies. It was a great help between feeds and then as she got older it was helpful for sleeping and to comfort her through teething. I'm not a fan of thumb sucking as you cant take away their thumbs but with a dodi you can make the decision down the road to stop using it. LO gave hers to Santa when she was 3, we made a big deal of her being such a big girl and Santa left a specific present in exchange for the dodi's which she loved. After about 3 days she had gotten over it and within in a couple of weeks there wasn't even a mention of one.
iggy11 Posts: 91
Yep my ds is three weeks old and he's had one since he was a week old. He just kept gnawing at his hands so we gave him a dodi to calm himself down. Once we read that they also prevent sids we were fine about giving him one.
motherhubbard Posts: 3037
My DS took one from the get go, always loved it and like that because of helping prevent against SIDS I was happy out with him having one. One night at 4/5 mths he didnt and it for bed so we went with it and never gave it back. My DD wouldnt take one, like one of the other posters said I tried for a week or two but no joy, she was a very content little baby so saw no need to push it except the comfort of knowing it helped against SIDS but if she wouldnt take it there was nothing I could do. I am pregnant now again and please God all goin gwell I will have a dodi packed in my hospital bag :)
wiggls Posts: 4
I was totally opposed to the idea of using a soother but my first had awful colic and reflux and woke 10-15 times a night and wanted to be on the breast all the time. After about 6 weeks i gave him a soother and it gave him a bit of relief he's 20 months now and i've no plans to take it away any time soon. I'm 36+2 on no.2 and have the soothers ready! I think this time i'll be more flexible about everything.
Char27 Posts: 376
Wow thanks so much for all the positive responses, I didn't even know they helped prevent SIDS so that's the decision made, himself has been dispatched to the chemist!!! :-)
Sassypants Posts: 4461
She might only take the dodi sometimes. She may not even like it! They are definitely a help to calm them. Our little man goes through phases of liking his, but most of the time he has absolutely no interest in it. Suits us fine. He really liked it when he was tiny though, definitely calmed him. Best of luck, and congrats on your new arrival!