To find out or not??

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Augustmum Posts: 686
Hey ladies, Have my 20 week scan (big scan) next week and really want to find out what we are having! :o)ll Just wondering did many of ye find out? What do ye think I should do?! To wait for a surprise or not.... :stork: Thanks :wv
Abimum2011 Posts: 338
I wouldn't want to find out but I am only 9 weeks at the mo. I could change my mind come 22 weeks. :-8
upyaboyaa Posts: 819
Hi hon I voted no also am my opinion is that while in labour I had to have something to push for, ie whether or not its a boy or girl. When I was pregnant with ds I really enjoyed everyone guessing what I was having and the reasons why. The best of luck with ur decision and let us know what u decide to do.
Mrs Mai Posts: 763
I'm on baby number 4 and have found out on all. We don't tell anyone though. I like to know asap. As for saving the surprise - there's nothing as surprising or as exciting as meeting your new baby - no added mystery could improve on it I think!
Anne Boleyn Posts: 709
I voted no too- the guessing & anticipation was a huge part of being pregnant for me anyway. I was 100% sure I was having a boy & the surprise we got when a little girl appeared was unreal! Everyone's different though, so you'll have to decide with your own reasons. Either was the feeling of meeting your little baby will be totally amazing :lvs :lvs :lvs