Tommee Tippee feeding & sterilisation set

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Baby feet Posts: 69
Hi girls Just wondering have any of you used it or are using it. Its on sale in mothercare on the website for €89.99 and the full price is €189.99. It includes electric steriliser, bottles, powder dispensers, teat tongs, brush,electric bottle warmer, teats, soother and 2 insulated bottle bags. I intend to bf but want to have somthing like this on stand-by. Thanks
nicknax Posts: 280
I have this, bought online. I was exclusively bf for the first 6 weeks then I started expressing so started using the sterilizer and bottles. I find it good and it has all you need in it (apart from the pump). Its easy to use and very quick. Not sure what else to say about it.
Delphinium Posts: 3027
Got this set for a similar price from babies r us online. I BF for 14 weeks but used the steriliser for pumps and expressed bottles. The warmer was used once I started expressing too as DS was used to breastmilk at body temp (obviously!) and I could warm up EBM from the fridge. You're going to use it anyway if you decide to wean from the breast at 6 months. We're actually still using it even though DS is over a year as it's as handy a place as any to store his bottles and dodis!