Topic Done death:Tnk u cards.Who did yu send them to?

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mkb Posts: 1744
Himself and I are at logger heads over Thanks you cards this week. O:| O:| I have spent the last 6 months trying to get him to pick our wedding photos. so we could choose a nice one to get the cards done up and sent out. we have done this and now he is saying that he doesn't want to send cards to people who didnt give us presents. I don't think that is exceptable, i think everyone who attended and even people who just dropped us a card should be sent one, but he is being adament that "WE" ( i hate the royal we eerrrrr >:o( ) are not to this. so this includes half my family. literally my bros and sisters who are out of work and couldn't afford to get us anything at the mo. but i know they will when they back working. what do you guys think? I really think its the height of rudeness not acknowledge people taking a day out of their lives to come to your celebrate your wedding.He thinks i'm just being my usual "Over kind/ people pleaser self " and that i should just grow a pair . i am that kind of person I know but isnt it just proper ettiquette to send them to one and all,i really dont want to rub anyone the wrong way. Or to have anyone giving out about me because they didn't get on ifykwim.
havemovedon Posts: 2013
We sent one to everyone who came on the day, to people who couldn't make it and sent cards, and to people who weren't even invited and gave us gifts. IMO it could look odd if some of your family and friends have a Thank You card displayed on their mantlepiece and others don't get one.
bridenl Posts: 454
I think i would send the thank you cards out to everyone tbh. On a different note though is it not a bit late to send the thank you cards now? (just a thought & in no way do i mean that offensively, wondered what other people's opinions on this were)
lux Posts: 6270
[quote="bridenl":13rbkseg]I think i would send the thank you cards out to everyone tbh. On a different note though is it not a bit late to send the thank you cards now? (just a thought & in no way do i mean that offensively, wondered what other people's opinions on this were)[/quote:13rbkseg] I have only received a thank you card from one wedding I attended-they got married in September and I got the card in March. It does annoy me not to receive a thank you for attending and giving a gift but some people don't seem to think of them at all. However, I will be sending a thank you as soon as we're back from honeymoon to EVERYONE who is invited adn all those who send us any cards or good wishes.
mkb Posts: 1744
that what i said to him. some of bros and sisters are still at home. I can just imagine the aul chin wags if we sent them out to some in the house and others didnt get one. He just doesnt' get it. He thinks "if they didnt give us a present, what are we thanking them for". I don't know if he is just being "A man" and not getting it or if is actually being that ignorant. he is driving me nuts. :duh: :duh: he doesn't want to send one to his only sis either as she hasn't seen us or even contacted us once since the wedding or really in the run up to the wedding either. ( we have with her but she doesn't bother with her family at al, were not too close with herl) so he thinks thats her off the thank you list but i still think you have to. I wanted to send them a month after we got home. he is a lazy ass and wouldn't budge on picking photos. but i don't think its too late either. Generally thing is to send them out in the first year, well so my mam told me.
GreenerPastures Posts: 7284
We sent our Thank You cards within about 8 to weeks of getting married. We sent them to everyone who attended our day and people who got us an engagement present but weren't at the wedding. We also sent it to people who couldn't attend. I had a couple of relatives that couldn't be there but I thanked them for their kind wishes.
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
I think you should send one to every one you have mentioned. How is he gonna know either way?? Just send them
ohsotired Posts: 7071
We sent ours yesterday - sent them to everyone who attended the wedding regardless of whether or not they gave gifts, and we sent them to anyone who sent us a pressie but wasn't at wedding!
mkb Posts: 1744
thats it, im putting my foot down with the OH, they are going out to everyone and their neighbours. I'm really parnoid people will be thinking badly of us now. I've been nagging him for months now to get them done and dusted but he kept putting them off and i didn't want to do them without him, you know they should be from both of us. Just not me signing his name on them. Oh i feel like i'm one of the brides i give out about not sending thank you cards now. :-8 :-8 i had great plans of using them as an excuse to visit people, like my aunts and uncles and old mates we invited, now i feel like that it might not go down to well as we have left it so long. :duh: :duh:
SGirl Posts: 2542
Its not late at all to send wedding thank you cards; people dont b1tch about them being late, they just b1tch eventually if they realise u never sent em. I reckin a year is a good time frame. I sent them to the people who gave us gifts- nearly all the guests- ours had a line inside saying thankyou for your lovely gift or something to that eftect- sure i couldnt be sending them to people who had given me nothing. I would say NOT to send them to people who didnt give u a gift as if they had a day out with a meal sure what would u be thanking them for, u looked after them for the day, to me that would be like sending a thank you card to people who came to a party. BUT since your family members are out of work and probably struggling and probably helped u out a great deal with the wedding preparation, then I think you should send a generic thank you card i.e. thanks fro sharing our day with us, but write in and thank you for ur lovely gift to adknowlwedge the gifts recieved.