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Anonymous Posts: 24542
rey Posts: 496
KK I'm with you on this I think that's so rude to wear ivory or white to someones wedding. If the dress only has a touch of it that's ok but not the main colour of the dress... I would never do that to someone.
dulchiebride Posts: 69
Hi, I have chosen it depends on the outfit, we have gatecrashed a number of weddings lately listening to bandsand yes there is a lot of people wearing white and cream. Personally i think it is rude but if it is a trouser suit with a different colour top then I would say its OK. At one of the weddings we gatecrashed a girl passed me with a white dress, with a band of black, I have to say if I was the bride I think I would have made some smart comment to her..... Only the bride should have a white/cream/ivory dress on the day of her wedding!! DB *)
Tibby Posts: 346
i couldnt care less but a pal of mine had bought a fab cream outfit to wear to her friends wedding and even though she was toning it down with chocolate accesseries the bride warned her not to wear it. each to their own i suppose.... :wv :wv
cloud Posts: 1662
I dont think its acceptable at all!! I have made my feelings clear to most people who know me too,...... in a roundabout kind of way!! I wouldn't mind if there was cream or white in the outfit but if it were a dress entirely or mainly in the colour I would be non too impressed!!! >:o(
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
I think all cream/white is ott but with a different colour in it and accessorized with a different colour (shoes, handbag, jewelry) I think thats ok.
MammyC Posts: 3621
As long as its not a wedding dress im ok! I think it does depend on the outfit though. I was at a wedding once and the best mans gf wore a full lenght white dress!!! :ooh
hope to be Posts: 865
I think it's rude!!
pricilla Posts: 1564
No its not on, not ever.
wooby Posts: 685
I got married a little over 2 weeks ago ..I couldn't tell you if anyone wore white/ cream/ ivory... and to be honest it would not have mattered... I was too busy enjoying myself! :wv