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rockstar Posts: 1815
So one of my brothers has his first baby due in 6 weeks, first baby in our family so we're all getting very excited now at this stage! His news came as a bit of a shock as hes in his early twenties and at that stage was only with his girlfriend less than a year. Its all going well for them so please god it remains that way. But this evening I got some news that has literally left me speechless. My younger brother, who just went 18 last week is going to be a daddy too! He's with his girlfriend almost three years and shes a lovely girl but oh my god they're so young! I'm the only person he has told so far, I think hes afraid to drop the bomb on our parents as they're still getting used to the idea of becoming grandparents for the first time! I'm a fairly positive person and I firmly believe that a positive attitude in a situation like this goes a long way. Its just that Mam can be a bit...a bit of pessimist...for want of a better word. I know that she aint exactly gonna be happy about this situation, which I can appreciate as they're bothe only 18 still very young, but I dont think my brother needs a lecture ya know? She was on the pill but got caught, they've accepted that and are more than willing to step up to this huge responsibility. I told him I'd be there when he tells mam as moral support as I know he's so nervous. Have any of you ever been in this sorta situation? Any advice as to how to make my mam not totally flip out? Its not the end of the world I know but its definitely a huge shock! I just wanna keep things as calm as possible for all involved :-8 Sorry for waffllin on for so long! :thnk
TAZ DEVIL Posts: 1706
i myself had just turned 19 wen i got pregnant and my h2b was also gone 19, the wosrt thing i did was not tell my parents until i was 6 months gone (very small), actually my mother stumbled across a pregnancy book in my room, not telling them sooner made it worse for me and them, i think youshould go with your brother for support and go in with his head held high and just come out and say so and so has found out she is pregnant, dont say iv something to tell you..... or somethings happened...... be positive about it, my h2b didnt tell his parents until end of oct (i was due dec!) we leaved in different counties so i never saw them, he knows now not telling them straight away was the worst thing, it was awful for them to hear i was due in 2 months! they took it badly. your parents might take it bad FOR A WHILE, but eventually they will get excited about it, its not the end of the world, its a beautiful baby!as for ruining their lives, im in the middle of finishing a degree and my h2h qualified as bricklayer (not much good now!!), so nothing bad can come out of this! hopefully didnt bore you and good luck :thnk :wv
rockstar Posts: 1815
thanks 2773bride! She's only 6weeks gone at the moment so its still good and early! Glad everything worked out for the best for yourself anf your h2b hopefully it'll work the same for these two. :-8
Doll Face Posts: 3721
Hi hun congrats on being an aunt twice over..... my advice to your bro is to be prepared for her to hit the roof but when the baby comes she wont be able to help but love it....My mam went mental when she found out i was pregers at 19 but as soon as the baby came it was completely different she adores them.......
moobear Posts: 1126
My sister was in college when she got pregnant & while my parents were in shock (to put it mildly) has some time to come around before my niece was born. When they found out it really was like the end of the world but as they had a couple of months to come to terms with it. When my niece was born, she was the business!!!! She is now nearly 14 & is still the business to my parents I guess what I am saying is that your parents will need time to take it all in so the sooner that your brother tells them the better. He is lucky to have a supportive sister like you
rockstar Posts: 1815
thanks everyone! I know to expect an initial WHAT THE F%@K DO YOU MEAN SHES PREGNANT but my lil bro is a right softy (ha he'd kill me if he knew i ever said that) and he'd take almost anythin to heart! Theres prob no way around it I guess we'll just have to grin and bear it! Or the miraculous could happen and she'll be all delireh and excireh :o0
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
Hi Mental Rebel Firstly can I say congrats on being such a great support to your brother. It must mean a lot to you that he felt he could confide in you. The advice that I would like to give you is this. Tell you brother that your parents are more than likely to hit the roof. Once he is prepared for this he should be fine. I think once its out in the open things will get better. If they are able to rant and rave at him and he lets it go over his head, they will be able to get it out of their system. Things should calm down after a couple of days. Be there for your brother when he tells them if he wants you there. I think once he remains calm things shouldnt be too bad! Best of luck with it :wv
kila2008 Posts: 678
mmgirish Posts: 617
[quote="kila2008":3qza5q1l]Although I had my DD young (18 by the time she was born), I don't regret it as I'm a strong believer that things happen for a reason. Having my daughter inspired me to follow my dreams and go to college...I have now completed 3 years of a 5 year degree in architecture. Also boyf is an absolutely fantastic dad and my DD's personality is sooo like his.[/quote:3qza5q1l] Hey nice story Kila2008
sarakg83 Posts: 347
i found out i was pregnant when i was 18. H2B and i were only together a few months at the time. i was so scared about telling my parents but new the longer i left it the worse it would be. so i told my mam the same day i found out. we were watching tv and i was waiting for the right moment, she got up to get some water to go to bed and i followed her in and told her. she started shouting at me about how stupid i had been and all the things u would expect them to say. then she called my dad down. when i told him he just stood there looking at the floor. after about 2 minutes he gave my a hug and told me it was going to be alright and i went to bed. the next day i made my H2B come over to my house (he was afraid to see my dad incase he killed him). we were sitting in the front room and my mam and dad called me into the kitchen. they went nuts and screamed at me for about five minutes (not about H2B being there) and then that was it. it was out of there systems, they were fully supportive of us ever since. we started saving to buy a house after my son was born. we had got 12k saved and they gave us another 10k so w could put a deposit down on our house. i owe my parents everything, we deffo wouldnt be where we are today without their help and support. and now they are paying for our reception on top of that :lvs