Tower Hotel Waterford

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mem Posts: 3
I am planning on getting married in 2012. I have a few Hotels on a shortlist which i plan on visiting in the coming weeks. One of these hotels is the Tower Hotel Waterford, i am finding it hard to get any reviews feedback from websites and so on and would like any feedback possible from anyone who has gotten married or plan to marry at the Tower or anyone with similar advice. All info greatly appreciated, MEM
Cowhands Posts: 564
Hi MEM..We looked at the Tower when we were booking a hotel...I wasnt too impressed to be honest, the room as dark and gloomy and looked like it hadnt been cleaned in ages (chewing gum on the carpet etc), they werent too open to haggling either, I think we got them down a bit on the corkage but nothing else. They were offering a free honeymoon in their package when we were booking last year too which was nice I suppose , but we didnt go with them in the end because we felt like we were getting a better deal out in the Woodlands on the Dunmore Road, the manager Barry is super and NOTHING is too much trouble, everyone really makes an effort to give you want you want out there. I hope this helps in some way good or bad