Tralee Nursery Shop - Feedback??

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ginger2 Posts: 275
Hi all Thinking of order a quinny travel system and cot bed here from this shop. I am not from Tralee so they will deliver it up to me? Just wondering if anyone has any experience in dealing with them? thanks :wv
MrsWoggle Posts: 1793
Is that Tralee Nursery & Gas Supplies. We got our icandy from them. It was €160 cheaper for the package than in Limerick. The saleswoman was so down to earth & as a mother was practical & wasn't at all pushy or salesy! We were able to ring up & pay off bits over the phone by laser & they held onto it til we needed it. Very pleased with them, cannot fault them. Ended up buying a changing table when we went to collect it too!! Again was cheaper than I'd seen! Didn't realise they delivered tho!! Would totally recommend anyway is the moral of the story!!
ginger2 Posts: 275
hi I think it could be not sure?? The quinny they have is €200 cheaper than in Galway?? They seem lovely when i was talking to them over the phone just wondering was it too good to be true??
Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
Tralee is not so small that there is one shop! Which one are you referring to?
ginger2 Posts: 275
i think it is the Tralee Nursery & Gas Supplies..
MrsWoggle Posts: 1793
I assume it is too. I totally recommend anyway. As I say I saved €160 & everything was perfect & service was excellent.
Frosties Posts: 198
I'm from Cork and am buying my Bugaboo there. It was €250 cheaper and the staff were lovely. I put down a deposit and am able to pay it off as I like. They also have everything in stock so there is no delivery time and they have the best range of colours for the maxi cosy car seats all lined up along a wall. Can't recommend highly enough actually. Defo worth a visit!
Delphinium Posts: 3027
A friend of mine shopped very widely for her travel system and finally ordered her Bugaboo in Tralee (I think at this store) because it was the best price she got. I have no idea what level of saving she got but I know she was very happy with them.
fifteensept Posts: 565
I bought stuff from them also very nice to deal with on the phone and sent the items to me.....did you try Bella Baby in Galway very good also (from what I remember they will price match)
KerryGal Posts: 17
I know this post hasn't been active in a while but after an experience I had I really felt like I had to post. My sister bought a travel system 2 years ago from this shop (costing just under €600) on the birth of her first son she had a couple of problems and the staff in the shop (one man in particular) was not helpful at all. My father managed to sort the problems for her. My sister has since had her second son the last couple of weeks and over the last number of days she was unable to fold the pram properly to put it in the car boot so yesterday we decided to call into the shop to see if they could help - how wrong we were. O:| It turned out to be a simple mistake with the hood and the guy in the shop response was - it was an error on your part not ours >:o( - this guy knows us and knows that our Dad passed away very suddenly in the last couple of weeks so as you can imagine we are still very easily upset so the tone by which he passed the comment really hurt. Even if Dad was still with us it really was a horrible way to speak to customers - from the moment we walked into the shop he also walked away from us to take a phone call without so much as sorry but I need to take this or excuse me for a minute. The one thing I did notice is the person he was dealing with before us he couldn't have been nicer because she was purchasing from him. This shop may be cheaper for certain products but I would rather pay a little extra and get a good after sales service. We are due our first babs in a number of weeks and need everything - I was so angry after leaving the shop I went to a different shop in Tralee and bought our travel system - I have no intention of handing over my hard earned cash to a person who can treat customers like this.