TTC, sore boobs - how sore is good sore??

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maybemama Posts: 243
Hi girls, just wondered if you had sore boobs when you got your BFP, and if so, how sore were they? I have a small chest but for the since OV they are feeling heavy and for all the world like I've jogged for miles without a sports bra. Nipples are sore while I'm just sitting here typing. Thought it might be a good sign, but then I don't have the dark line around nipple that I hear so much about, though the area is raised. Sorry for all the personal information :-8 Would really appreciate any feedback and best of luck to you all in your pregnancies :wv
Ducky Posts: 2506
Mine never got that sore, but felt very hot, nipples were very soft and tender and area around them got bigger and a bit darker. But I must admit this only kicked in after BFP, but other women will tell you theirs were sore immediately!
maybemama Posts: 243
Thank you Ducky. BTW, your username is my petname for DH :o0
Forgottenpassword Posts: 1078
Sounds like a great sign. On DS sore boobs were the only symptom I had, but, I had no dark line either. My boobs just felt sore to touch, and sore when I rolled over in bed. This time I did not have sore boobs until about last week, so it is weird really how different every pregnancy is. Good luck, I hope this is your month!! FP
maybemama Posts: 243
thanks ForgottenPassword; mine are sore in bed too. Please God this is a good sign!
steen Posts: 1335
Sounds really good Maybemama, mine are still really sore, hot and they are terrible in bed or if I have to hug someone :o0
maybemama Posts: 243
[quote="steen":26z62yxn]Sounds really good Maybemama, mine are still really sore, hot and they are terrible in bed or [i:26z62yxn][b:26z62yxn]if I have to hug someone [/b:26z62yxn][/i:26z62yxn]:o0[/quote:26z62yxn] Yes exactly!!! Was sitting down this morning cuddling my puppy before I came to work (the guilt!) and when she was leaning into me it was sooooo sore. Thanks Steen :wv
silíní Posts: 4219
Maybemama mine were REALLY sore about a week after i conceived..... It was how i suspected i was pregnant as i was out jogging as usual, i thought i was due AF as i would usually get sore boobs (this baby was unplanned!) but as i was running i was in agony! Even though i had a sports bra on i had to hold them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So it looks like a good sign!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :xox
doolittle Posts: 910
Im 15 weeks and STILL have sore boobs...morning sickness bypassed me but sore boobs I got whaich is why I tested 2 days earlier then my AF and got my BFP. Never got the dark line yet, but nipples were standing to attention for the first 2 weeks...Good luck sound promising :wv
smurf77 Posts: 2216
Thats how I figured out it was time to do a test! My boobs were rock hard, even DH commented on it and they were sore but before positive test no worse than usual PMT. Mine was always really sore beforehand. It was after the BFP that they were extremely sore, could not sleep leaning on them on front or that. Anyhow best of luck to you!