Unemployed rant - will I ever work again?

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raglan Posts: 83
Sorry for depressive tone but feel the need to rant, might make me feel better, most days I'm grand but have the odd bad day especially with weather today. Worked in different industry up to a few years ago but places were closing down, retrained as something else but hard to find a job in that now too. Am married and had a baby last year but have been looking for work for the 2 months in anything! Constantly checking local papers and internet sites for jobs, apply and either get reject letters or none. I know there are thousands like me but makes me sick when I watch politicans retiring with fat pensions as they not in touch with real world. I could be out and about more as stuff needs doing on house etc or I could do more activities but its a vicious circle and that all costs money. Thankfully hubbies job secure but I miss my independence, JSB ran out year ago, not entitled to JSA. Have had my own money since age 14 so not used to not having anything, hubbies wage now covers mortgage and bills but not much left over but we just get by. I think about money constantly, and feel I can't plan stuff, we don't do anything extravagant, I do feel guilty if I am out shopping and even buy myself a nice latte! I'm sick of situation. Thankfully hubbie supportive when I get down, only MIL annoys me as all throughout my ML was asked only by her " Any jobs yet? Why don't you do x,y,z". I wanted to enjoy ML then look for work, and am getting questioned about my lack of getting work from a woman who worked about 2 years in her entire life. I don't want to be rude to her but feel that I'll erupt next time she asks. Am only in early 30's but sometimes feel if I will ever get a job again, have a degree and postgrad d 10 yrs work experience from different sectors but 90% of jobs in my area being advertised as that f***kin FAS WPP scheme, they even advertising for solicitors and heads of county council departments with it. Sorry for rant, I know there's people worse off.
bangles Posts: 35
It makes my blood boil to read this. This country is in a complete mess. You're a qualified person with 10 years work experience and they want you to work for peanuts? I can't say anything to make you feel better but I completely understand your frustration. Luckily you have a supportive hubby, and his job is secure which is great. Imagine if you couldn't pay your mortgage and bills? I know it's a cliche but it could be a lot worse. Don't heed the MIL, drink your lattes if you want and enjoy being at home with your baby (he or she won't be small for long). By the time baby is a bit older things will have improved. They have to. :xxx
raglan Posts: 83
I know I've so much to be thankful for, just a bit down today. I try to look on bright side. Actually I wrote that I've been looking for work 2 months....which is quite a short time maybe but that's actually applying for them, before this I was just keeping an eye on what jobs there were out there as I was on Maternity benefit, but still there wasn't much.
maltabride2011 Posts: 987
ah raglan, i know what you mean. My H2B has been unemployed for 8 months and is constantly applying for jobs and hasn't had one interview (not trying to make light of your time unemployed at all, just trying to explain why i understand how you feel). now i know it's not me unemployed but i know how frustrating and especially demoralising it is, i know he is totally fed up with it and have seen his optimism plummet over the last few months. it also makes me angry to hear about those politicians who don't have a clue what it's like, this whole country is in a total bloody mess and it's just rubbish. so rant away lady, get it off your chest! i know it might be hard to talk to your hubby about it (my H2B doesn't talk about it too often cos it irritates him so much), but you always have us wollies here for the cyber hugs! :action32 :action32 :action32 hope you feel better soon, i'm sure something will come up for you, especially when you are so well qualified and have so much experience! :thnk
RinkyDinkSlink Posts: 730
raglan Posts: 83
Rinkydinkslink, I know exactly what you mean, am the same with my hair too, I have to have it seen too but think about how that would be the same cost of a weeks groceries. I was listening yesterday to a radio show about jobs in oz and out of curiousity I just looked up an oz recruitment site, straightaway there were loads of jobs I was qualified and had experience of. I know grass isn't always greener but life is soo way easier is OZ and NZ, and things just work smoother. My brother lives in NZ so have good idea about this. I would like to emigrate in ways but have built a house here on family site , dunno if I could leave that or my family, hubbie is close to his as well and has secure job in his favour. Just can't bear thought of not being able to get decent work again. I love spending time with DD but want to work to be able to provide her with things and plan for her future, and a happy future. I will have good support when I (if) go back to work with childminding. I apply for anything that am able to do, not just stuff am qualified for, but then I find people pigeon hole you by putting you in a certain category and don't even consider you for a job even though you are interested. I know we both desperate for a job, but you were right not to take that job yesterday, that's just pure exploitation, everyone wants a decent wage for hours they work, that would work out way below minimum wage. By the way, love your qoute at the end!!! Also, its about having some social interaction again, as most days I only see hubby when he gets back from work as all my friends work too. Then I end up bending his ear for an hour!!
SookieStackhouse Posts: 3135
Ah Raglan I feel your pain. Can I join in your rant. My hubby has been unemployed for2 yrs. And its getting to the stage that we're pretty sure we'll be emigrating, even though the thoughts of it are killing me. Some days are grand but other days are so hard to be positive and it does feel like nothing is ever going to change. We do keep saying to each other that something eventually will have to give and this cannot go on forever. But when you see them starting to recruit for teachers through FAS on that stupid stupid CE scheme you just feel like crying. As I said my hubbys a teacher but he's also qualified and worked for yrs as a service engineer. He always wanted to be a teacher so left a good career to retrain but since then he's never had any permanent work of any kind, there's just nothing out there. Wasn't so bad last yr as there was a bit of subbing here and there but thats gone now too. I'd love for us to have another baby, but thats just not going to happen now, so feel like we're being robbed of more then just a job and prospects and happiness at the moment. Have nothing constructive to say really, just that you're definitely not alone :wv
proud mamaof1 Posts: 825
Raglan, I am in a similar situation too. Currently working in a contract role which finishes in 2 weeks, have not been able to find a permanent role since Jun 2009. Prior to June 2008 I was also looking for a perm role and took on temp/contract roles to keep me going but its much worse these days. I have tears in my eyes as I write this. My DH is also lucky to be in a permanent position but we are expecting our first baby in the summer which we are so thankful for but its going to be tough I know that. I am a born worrier and all I do is cry when I go home in the evenings and weekends lately because I am now beginning to think what is wrong with me that no one wants to employ me. Between this time last year and now I think I have applied for over 400 jobs and have heard back from about 20 employers. Not enought experience or too much. F*(&(&^ that crap. I have a degree with numerous course and still not good enough obviously. Too over qualified too to make a sandwich. Go figure O:| O:| O:| DH keeps saying its just so many people out there now looking for work etc etc. We have sat down and worked out our budget and we should be able to cover our bills on his salary but that means he will be working every spare minute that is offered which is great short term maybe but not long term and as he works shift, he is on the road to travel to work as he is an hr away form our house. We have decided though we are giving it another year and thinking of going to Oz as his company work in the oil business and are all over the world with a few locations in Australia so if he could get a transfer or a new job there. Not ideal but we can't leave off fresh air here. My parents are constantly giving me a hard time too which doesn't help either, why can't you be like such and such or Sure, there's loads of jobs out there, your'e not looking hard enough etc which is more than I can cope with right now as I am pregnant. They are lovely parents and couldn't ask for better normally and have always been there for me. However, I think they now are starting to realise the impact of all that has gone on. No politicians have come to our door, just put SH*(_TE through the door but I will tell them what I think of them all when I get the chance. They don't care about anyone but themselves. I hope you find something soon, you and all the others who have posted seem like lovely people and we should be given the opportunity. I wish us all the best to new jobs and situations for 2011 and beyond. Someone mentioned, it has to get better so please god that won't be too far away.
raglan Posts: 83
MrsFriel2B, don't be worrying at this stage and try to enjoy your pregnancy. I had 1st baby last year too, thankfully got mat. benefit by skin of my teeth, as had to get work within 16wks of due date even though I had the stamps for it from years work before, that ran out at Xmas. It was a great help, as had no money before this. I used to work in companies that paid full pay on maternity leave which was great looking back. Anyway, my brother had kids so got loads of baby stuff from them like cots, changer etc. So in the end had to buy very little for babs, also you'll get loads of clothes pressies so wil need very little in that regard too. Enjoy your time but I know its hard not to worry about future. I think a lot of older generation don't cop on about what our age group are going through, as I know lot of them only bought/built as they could afford it as banks at the time weren't given mortgages so they had no choise. Wise now or what!! Handymammy, am in exact same situation as your husband retrained as teacher but I take solace in fact that company I left was closing anyway so probably would be in same predicament now anyway. Am waiting on politicans to call to, so I can rant about the FAS WPP scheme and the likes!!
IvytheTerrible Posts: 950
Raglan, I could have written this post word for word, I know exactly where you are coming from. Lost my job in 09, got a couple of temp jobs here and there for a few weeks but was out for 9 months with nothing at all, which only for doing voluntary work in my community to keep me sane, I would have ended up at the GP :o( . I did get a temp job for Christmas and while I am grateful for it, I absolutely hate it and it's hard to keep going at a job that sucks the life out of you. I only stick it out for DH as I feel guilty leaving him to pay nearly everything. He doesn't know what to do with me and tries his best to reassure me things will get better etc but I worry all the time. My current temp job literally goes from week to week and it's hard not being able to plan. Last weekend I didn't want to go into work on Monday as I was thinking, is this the week they will let me go. I am always applying for other jobs but feel I will never get anything half decent now as my skills on MS Word and Excel are long gone. I was on a waiting list for FAS courses and they never came up. I applied to SW fund for funding for private course, didn't even get a reply. IMO they should be disbanded as they are no longer fit for purpose in today's unemployment market. The comments people made were awful, one particular woman who knows my mam still makes a beeline for me in the supermarket to rub it in, it's got to the stage now where I take my phone out of my pocket and make a phone call, just to avoid her. And don't get me started on the politicians >:o( . Anyway, I just wanted to say you are not alone hun :xxx