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josiegrosie Posts: 152
Beginning to feel very worried about our choice of venue. We knew that we didn't want a traditional hotel venue and so opted for the venue hire/caterer option. We have a deposit down on Ballybeg house for December - I LOVE IT and it's available to the wedding party for 4 days etc. We had lots of plans for it in the days after etc. My Dad thinks it's an extravagance - it's €5,500 for the period available. But we love it so much. It does however, take us completely over the point that we will need to take out a loan if we are to pay the balance of our honeymoon (asking guests to contribute via Trailfinders' wedding service) There is now another option - we're going to see The Tailor's Hall in Dublin tomorrow afternoon and it's significantly cheaper - €1000. We wouldn't have it the next day - but then, we wouldn't have to worry about the costs associated with doing a second day party... also I could get married in my parish (rids us of cost of hiring a church)... So I suppose do we go with our heads or our hearts?
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
Bear in mind that the first venue might not want to return your deposit so that might outweigh the savings you will make on the second one?
josiegrosie Posts: 152
Yeah - I am hoping that if we cancel it, and if we cancel it asap we will get it back. My Dad is so against it that he's offered to give us the 500yoyo if we were not to get it back
glowgal Posts: 949
I understand you wanting to have 4 days of celebrations but will your guests want to stick around that long? You may find that alot of people will leave the next day. I haven't been to either venue but it sounds like the Taliors Hall option is the more sensible approach. I would rather put the money into my honeymoon than stressing myself trying to pay for the venue. Don't forget you can transform a room with the right decor and it will cost alot less than what your paying for the Ballybeg house.
josiegrosie Posts: 152
yeah I think that is the conclusion I am coming to...
snookums Posts: 197
Again i can understand you wanting to celebrate for as long as possible on one of your most important occassions of your life, but 4 days will your guests be able to get the time off work etc weddings are expensive for guests for just one day!! Would you not want your new husband all to yourself?? If you still think you'd like the 4 days and it's what you've dreamed off i'd go with your heart but if your dad is against it already i'd maybe suss other people out. If it were me i'd take my money & put it all into one day & have the best day of my life & make it a day to remember what about if your into the whole hire/cater get a marquee or hire a hall & get it completely transformed into what ever you want have the whole works!! This is only my idea but you go with what you feel right all the best in the planning, and a bit of advice worry if you must but don't worry too much it all works out in the end :wv (think i need to take my own advice)
Valkstar Posts: 2747
It sounds like you've really made up your mind already. As you know we're having Ballybeg House but we have a whole load of people coming on the second day for a totally different type of day, so it suits us. I think you were having all the same guests who might not appreciate another day of celebration. Also, if it's in December you might not get the weather you want and the guests could be stuck inside (I'm hoping we get good weather in July!!) I know you mentioned your budget is tight, so it would probably be more sensible to go with the one day in The Tailors Hall.
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
One of the best Irish weddings I've been to (excepting our own) was at Tailor's Hall.
Aisha Posts: 141
Hiya, Have you considered Liffey Valley House? We had been thinking of Ballybeg too, but ruled it out on price... Good luck with the decision!