wedding cars under €400

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choogal Posts: 252
Hi girls, could you guys help me try and find a wedding car for €400 or under. Could you let me know what car you're getting and from where-all the ones tha I keep finding are huge money and we don't want to spend that much on a car for an hour or two as we have a tight budget. PM me if you don't want to post please. Thanks again :thnk
Tic Toc Croc Posts: 3710
where are you based we are down in kerry and having two cars both are 350
choogal Posts: 252
hey, we're having the ceremony and the reception in Cavan
Autumn08 Posts: 80
Choogal, we're getting our Merc for €350 from a company in Meath. That's 2008 price.
choogal Posts: 252
thanks for that!
mrsgrant09 Posts: 10 in rush is very reasonable we r getting chrysler saloon and 6 door stretch for 650 that includes champers hope that helps :xxs
groom_zilla Posts: 109
I'd also be interested in any cars that can be hired for €400 or less. Cork/Kerry region.
Tic Toc Croc Posts: 3710
[quote="groom_zilla":3lcaaiqz]I'd also be interested in any cars that can be hired for €400 or less. Cork/Kerry region.[/quote:3lcaaiqz] we are getting our ventage bently from horans wedding cars in Tralee, its costing 350 they have a web site
choogal Posts: 252
thanks so much girls for that help!!
taurus09 Posts: 484
we're also getting a merc from a compnay in meath for 350 and thats for 2009, includes champagne too...