Wedding Dress to Christening Gown

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Barbalou Posts: 1617
Just wondering if any of you have turned your dress into a Christening Gown? If you did can you recommed who did it for you?
alton Posts: 3077
That's a lovely idea. I was going to get mine shortened and beaded to make a party dress but I can't bear to touch it. It's hanging uselessly in the wardrobe as I get bigger and bigger. I know I'll never fit into it again and it's just going to waste but I don't know if I could bear to put a scissors near it. I'm a sad case, I know!
Barbalou Posts: 1617
it's something like this I'd like the dress made into [url:3acez6sv][/url:3acez6sv]
alton Posts: 3077
wow! They are gorgeous. I'd nearly be tempted. I'm still harbouring a very impractical notion of crocheting a christening gown myself. I have visions of intricate lacy silk work, and an heirloom that will be in the family forever. Sadly I also have thick clumsy fingers and I'm still not finished the blanket that I started on 6 months ago.
rushinbride Posts: 1097
[quote="Barbalou":1eiq9bbb]it's something like this I'd like the dress made into [url:1eiq9bbb][/url:1eiq9bbb][/quote:1eiq9bbb] Jesus that is absolutely gorgeous!!
Barbalou Posts: 1617
It is, well I like it and I want it to be something that can be passed down. So if anyone knows a good dressmaker. My dress was very simple no lace buttons on diamante on it. The detail was in the ruching on the skirt in the fabric which can be easily unpicked so their should be loads