wedding dress worries

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cailinalainn Posts: 8
I am getting married in july and bought my dress last may and have now fallen out of love with it. however I am thinking of altering it so I might love it again. my dress has quite few tulle layers of underskirt was thinking of removing some of these so it looks less puffy and rather than sticking out in the back it would be straight. I was also thinking of adding some lace material to the ends so rather than having a plain ending it would be more decorative. Can anybody offer me some advice is it mad to change the dress or am I just better off leaving it as it is!???? has anybody done anything similar to their dresses??? Feeling anxious :(
helieh Posts: 7
Hi cailinalainn, I am also getting married in July and when I was trying on dresses there was one that I really liked except for the copious amount of tulle that made it puff out too much. I was told by several shops that taking out the tulle was not a good idea because the dress was designed to fall on top of it and may not look right without it. I was sad, but decided to move on to another dress. My advice to you would be to leave it. Major alterations won't be cheap and you may still be unhappy with the outcome (it might even be worse!). Just remember that on the day of, it will just be you and the dress you once loved and NO OTHER wedding dress in sight for it to be compared to. You will be all made up and looking gorgeous and won't be thinking about another dress!
cailinalainn Posts: 8
Hi Helieh, Thanks for your advice perhaps your right. I do still love the top it's the bottom of the dress that is making me anxious. The dress has about five layers of tulle underskirt and I am still considering taking out one or two layers as I may pass out with the heat!!! (fingers crossed we get the lovely weather we got last yr in July) I asked the shop where I bought it recently and they said it's very doable but I am afraid they may be just saying this to please me. Perhaps I am just overthinking things and all brides go thro this anxious time with their dress!!!???
littlemrs1 Posts: 157
I think lots of brides panic at this stage especially when it's so near! What is the top of it like? I'm sure you can take out some of the tulle!
smurph2015 Posts: 162
hi cailinalainn, I have a similar situation. I adore my dress but I think the skirt is just a bit too big. I said it to the girls in the shop and they have said it will be no hassle to remove a layer or two. Just make sure a proper dressmaker/alterations expert does it as there are some layers that are fillers and some that are needed for the structure of the dress. It would be the filler layers that would be taken out but the structure ones stay so that the dress still falls the way it was made to. Then you will just have to get it taken up.
cailinalainn Posts: 8
thanks so much girls for all your help so basically I should perhaps take out one or two layer at first and see how I feel then. feeling much more relieved :)