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Bright Star Posts: 756
Hey Girls, As you can see im nearly there now...we have our wedding rehearsal on 02nd sept. Im getting really nervouse now...i am the first from my family to be married and so this is all new for just wondering does the rehearsal literally covers everything that will go on the day of go through readings, gifts etc etc..i just dont know what to expect and im afraid things will be a diaster if we dont know what the protocol is.. please advice if ye can..always appreciated!! :wv
hoodieboodie Posts: 1200
Hi Bright Star, How detailed the rehearsal is really depends on you and your priest. They tend to go through the basics, you arriving, the handover, then vows and recession. Some of them get the readers to go through their readings, some times they just acknowledge it. If you've any extra questions during the rehearsal about how something should work, just ask your priest. So long as he is not running off to watch a match or something he should give you all the time you want. Good luck with your final preparations, you must be so excited! :wv
Bright Star Posts: 756
Thanks for my mam always says you have a tongue in your i will ask all the Q's..and hope it goes ok!!! :wv
Shimmer Posts: 207
Hi Brightstar, Just wanted to say hi as we both have roughly the same time left. I'm the first to get married too. Very nervewracking not to know what to expect! Nerves hit me on saturday! Had a few drinks with the family at home and was about to go to bed when Mum and Dad gave me our wedding present. A very generous cash donation! Ah I cried for about an hour! H2b thought I didn't want to marry him. :o0 Think the realisation just hit me like a tonne of bricks!
Bright Star Posts: 756
Aw hi Shimmer, I dont think the nerves have hit me yet as such --im just worrying about how things will go...hope rehearsal will stand to us. Hope all ure preparations are going well..i have my hair & make up trails tomoro and final dress fitting... :wv
Missus Lippy Posts: 5879
I got married 3 weeks ago and I felt the rehearsal was invaluable. We didn't bother having the readers there as they wouldn't be local but if yours are, ask them to come. The priest just went through everything and at times, I felt "how am I going to remember all this" but if you don't understand something, ask the priest to go through it once more. It really prepares you and it's kind of nice as well, thinking the next time we will be here, it will be for real :o0 . It's also a good opportunity to see where everything is, ie, which side your wedding candles will be and whether you will light them from front or behind (this affects where your photographer/videographer need to stand), where the table for signing the register will be, where the singers will be, what order the POF readers come in and where they stand etc. There is quite a lot involved. Best of luck if I don't see ya around. PS With regard to the church, when the priest gives you the bread and wine, I wish somebody had told me the wine tastes rank :hic , small sip only!
Cork_girl Posts: 525
As far as I remember we ran through most things, told the readers they could come if they wanted to. We also did the prayer for the newly married couple and were told that while we weren't exactly in sync during the rehearsal we apparently were perfect on the day - so that alone was worth it! It was also a nice chance for the priest to meet DH family as they travelled to my home village for the first time. We felt we could ask pretty much whatever we wanted, as out priest was so laid back.