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gov23 Posts: 9
For several years now I have a problem with my weight. I haven't much time for sports. For this I tried several diets, but did not achieve results. Give me advice on what to do?
anito Posts: 3
Hello There. I think that with more exercise and proper nutrition, you will achieve results!
Flightyrose Posts: 17
Hi gov! Have you heard of the following diet- James Duncan's how to lose a stone in a week? It's more or less clean eating for the week, cuts out all fat and dairy. I've tried it before and in saying that I did not lose a stone. Felt really good after it. Lost Id say half a stone. I reckon this would be because I'm not a very big size - would generally fluctuate around the size 10. It's the chemicals in the food as a combination that drives the weight loss. I was not hungry either . Let me know what you think ! Hope that helps :-)
galwaybride16 Posts: 174
What kind of things have you tried? Has it been a long term thing that you are sticking at and nothing is happening? If it is you may need to check with your doctor. If its a diet change and you stop after not seeing results quick enough - that may be the issue. It takes 4 weeks to see a change in yourself. I lost 3.5 stone through Weight Watchers 4 years ago - I have since put it all back on and some more, but that was because I stopped with the plan and stopped running. Weight Watchers, Slimming World and Myfitnesspal are all good ones for watching what you are eating and the weigh ins with the first two can help. Another one is keeping a food diary for a couple of weeks - I've just started it and find it stops me overeating. Re exercise - I had a fitness assessment in the gym last night to help me on my weight loss and the lady told me the best way to lose weight is to do weights 2-3 times a week and cardio 3 times a week for 30 minutes. She recommended running as my cardio and said that as I am sitting, doing something like cycling on a stationery bike wouldn't really benefit me but cycling outside / spinning would. I hope I don't come across as preachy - but as someone constantly losing/gaining and finally fed up of it I have an idea of what works for me. Again - if you are constantly monitoring what you're eating and doing regular exercise and there's no difference on the scales, check with your doctor to see if there's a thyroid issue.
Lucky-In-Love Posts: 133
Replied to something similiar a few weeks ago. For me cutting down on portion size was a big thing and helped a lot. I would normally eat a very big dinner in the evening but I have cut that down substantially. This along with regular exercise helped me shed the pounds. (100% agree on a mix of cardio and weights mentioned by another poster) Try not to be too strict on yourself, allow yourself a treat at the weekends - if you have been good that week :) I'm not really into all the latest diet trends but each to their own. Different things work for different people. Just keep yourself motivated with whatever method you decide. Set realistic goals - prevents you from getting disappointed and keeps you on the right track!
Sinead Nic Gabhann Ceremony Singer Posts: 1274
As pervious posters have said it's about diet and exercise. I am very bad in the last five years or so with sticking to diet plans and have found a great bootcamp which also does weigh in and nutritional advice. I find I achieve more at the bootcamp classes than I would on my own in the gym which I find boring, I enjoy meeting up with my fellow bootcampers and I am getting more results With my diet. I have been going now since September and I intend to keep it up for a long time. It is great seeing new people join up and see the changes in them with the pounds and inches dropping off. Fad diets do not work cause you only loose water so I am afraid the only answer is sweat and discipline but it can be fun and once you have 2 weeks behind you, you will begin to look and feel better. I needed the motivation of classes and nutritional advice and it's working so maybe you should check out a bootcamp that does classes and nutritional advice and monitors you. Best of luck, it's the best thing you will ever do!
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johnsanders Posts: 2
Thanks for sharing.
littlemissy Posts: 20
Clean 9 is a great way to lose weight. Its a detox program.
ashcapp Posts: 31
Eating healthy and exercise is the best way to lose unwanted weight. I when I got back into working out I had a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do. I read through Insanity reviews and they really helped me make up my mind- ... The workouts are great and they have modifiers which will help those who have an injury or are unable to perform the full exercise. It also comes with a meal plan that will help you learn how to eat better. I hope this helps
gov23 Posts: 9
Thank you for the all advice. But one major problem for me is that I have enough time for sports and exercise.