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Laura_Whelan Posts: 56
I was told two things at my gym. Diet is 70% of losing weight. You can't out run a bad diet. I started eating healty and lost a bit of weight but it stalled after awhile. I had to find time somehow to exercise, be it getting up half an hour earlier in the morning or finding that half hour during lunch or in the evening. My diet was ok but in order for it to work better for me I had to exercise with it. Even if it is the small things we have all heard a thousand times like, Take the stairs, walk short distances rather than take the car. I started to find that half an hour a day and the weight started to drop again. Maybe it was because of the weight falling off again but I found more than the half hour a day. I think as my body was getting fitter I had more energy and determination. Then I started to let the diet slip and the weight lose stalled again. This was down to my bad diet hence the I couldn't out run the bad diet. For me anyway I have to watch what I eat and do some form of exercise to lose weight. I hope you find the time in the day somehow. I know it's not always easy to do.
galwaybride16 Posts: 174
I lost 3.5 stone a few years back with weight watchers. I lost the first 1 stone easy enough through the diet change and walking from work. I lost the next 1.5 stone through diet and walking to work as well as home. I platuead at this stage for 4 months until I joined a running group that was on for an hour twice a week. It took 6 weeks to get the next stone off. I stopped running and put weight on. I stopped walking to and from work and put more weight on - but more importantly I stopped tracking what I was eating and that is the main reason I put the weight back on and some more on top of it. Losing weight for me is probably 80% diet and 20% exercise. If I cut out buying the sweets and after dinner treats then I'm fine. I've lost 5lbs this week through this alone - I also buy bottles of sparkling water and put squash through them for when I want a fizzy drink so I don't feel as bloated and I'm drinking an extra litre of water a day (I wouldn't normally drink a litre of fizzy drinks a day, I just like it in the evening now). I'm back walking to and from work. Only takes an extra 10 minutes than driving but I have the time and it saves me money on petrol in the long run. I know people who joined slimming world and lost the weight without adding exercise if that helped at all - I'd do it online though, the meetings take forever, part of the reason I prefer weight watchers. losing weight is different for everyone - some people do it through the gym, some do it running alone, some do it through slimming groups and some do it through diet on their own. It's all about finding what works for you and keeping at it. It won't come off overnight but it didn't go on overnight eitehr.
westcoastdreamer Posts: 41
Clean and Lean by James Duigan was life changing for me, literally! My doc was about to prescribe lifelong meds when I used it to sort my metabolism out. It's about permanant healthy changes not a "diet" and its so quick and easy to read. I love 30 day shred because the work outs are only 20 mins long but very effective, great if you can't join clubs and gyms x
allsĂșn Posts: 253
I go to slimming world with my mum. Both of us have lost a few stone,I got to my target weight a few months ago and she's nearly does work if you stick to it and you can eat so much, it's just healthier and in proper proportions. It really helps if someone does it with you though, they can help keep you motivated when you've a bad week..
jemmaremma Posts: 36
In the last few months I've cut out all bread and pasta and have noticed that I'm significantly less bloated around the Tummy than I used to be. Also have gone from 9sr to 8st9 which I think is from being forced to choose healthier lunches as I can't just have a sandwich!! Haven't changed anything else or increased exercise either!
Cazwinder Posts: 6
I do the Juice Plus diet, you have to cut out the bread and diary and follow a detox plan for a week and drink loads of water . im on the berry blast capsules and ive lost 12 pounds in the first 4 weeks. so im delighted as i have two weddings to attend next year earlist starting in January but im on track to become a size 12 for the first time in eleven years. they have packages to suit all goals of weight loss, i personnally love the product and the extra benefits of the extra energy and really healthy hair. when i first heard about it, it took me a while to sign up because i hate restriction of any type but i had to suck it up, i was sick of feeling sorry for myself while digging into the chocolate chip cookies haha. anyway it works for me and i help others with it too now so as long as your diet is healthy and you are in the right frame of mind than you Will be successfull xx Good Luck
Lucy Kavanagh
BrideD6 Posts: 13
Hi gov23, I,m also very bad at sticking to things especially diets!! But I have made a decision to lose weight for my wedding(1stone if I can). I hat exercising but I joined a gym with a PT, first day I actually thought I was going to vomit and the second day but it's got easier as I've gone on. I feel much better and starting to see results. I've stopped weighing myself as I was getting on the scales every morning and I'd be so disheartened if I saw no change!! Diet is important also, tried fill up as much as you can on veg but don't rule out a treat once a week or like me you won't stick to it.. You don't need an awful lot of time for exercising. 30-40 minutes power walking will do you good but make sure you're working up a bit of a sweat!! If in the house throw on the radio get down on the floor and do sit ups, squats, lifting sugar bags :o0 just get your heart rate going!! That's what I'm doing.. And I've ordered my dress a size smaller god help me!!!! :o0
No2Conventional Posts: 37
[quote="gov23":fj7e9fi6]Thank you for the all advice. But one major problem for me is that I have enough time for sports and exercise.[/quote:fj7e9fi6] Can I please be very blunt and say "Well make time!!!" Myself personally, I work full-time, do charity work, keep my house and relationship afloat, look after and clean up after 6 pets and yet I still have time to train 3 times a week without fail for 2.5-4 hours at a time. You obviously want to lose weight so you need to do something about it. If you are serious about losing weight PM me and I can give you advice. But you have to be willing to either put in the time in and also to deprive yourself with food. (junk food)
mrsmcc2502 Posts: 497
I think it's very likely that the OP might genuinely not have time for sports, perhaps they work crazy 50-hr weeks or their working week is in shift work, I know I'd find it difficult to get into an exercise routine if I had that tough a working week. OP it is so hard to get motivated I totally understand that - I've been an on again off again SW member, and I've been going to 3 classes a week for 10 months now and haven't really lost any weight, though I have become fitter and sliiiightly more toned on my shoulders. I was staying around the same weight and then I had one really bad week of eating and I put on a few pounds, I had previously lost about 1.5 stone, and now I'm back to 7lb from my original weight, though that's shocked me into stepping away from those chocolate bars! Slimming World is the only thing that works for me, I live to eat, not eat to live as some people do! My SIL eats to exist and doesn't really get enjoyment from food, whereas I could happily eat all day! I'm not overweight as such just a bit squishy round the middle lol, so I let myself quit slimming world all the time because I say to myself, sure I'm not that bad I still look ok. But then when I have the meltdown in front of the wardrobe I realise it's just a few pounds over being comfortable! It's such a hard thing to kickstart, and there's no easy answer; as previous posters have said it's more about your food than your exercise, so if you find it hard to exercise then maybe you could find it easier to focus on improving your eating. I also did the 5:2 diet which helped me get on my way, and made SW so easy then! Good luck!
gov23 Posts: 9
I found a weight loss product Lipovon. I decided to try it!