weird pain - anyone any ideas?

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babs76 Posts: 1000
Girls - This is a hard one to explain but I 've this pain on the left hand side of my belly button - it's more like a muscle soreness or a bruise and it feels like it's coming from the inside. It's weird as its literally only in this one spot and when i brust against it it's sore. I feel it a lot when I'm getting up from a chair or getting out of the car It's all very weird - my DH think it's from the baby maybe stretching that area and that sounds plauable but I said i would put it out there in the off chance that anyone else has experienced anything like it
cheerio Posts: 275
How far along are you babs76? I don't remember specifically but in the early stages of bump expansion (!) I recall a lot of weird pains. Would say your hubby is probably right :wv
Butttons Posts: 812
Hi babs76, I have the same thing. Not sure what it is. I had a scan yesterday and just left of my belly button was kinda sore when they rolled the scan instrument over it. Never though to ask why though! Feels just like a bruise. Sorry I'm not much help...
AHappyMrs Posts: 622
Hi Babs76, i used to get this a lot, especially after standing for a good while.. i asked the midwives and they said it was most likely the muslces stretching..which is why when you touch it its sore too!
aylala Posts: 3673
I have this too! Mine didnt pop out but the skin from the inside is now out iykwim and has a bruise in the shape of a ring around my belly button, its all normal apparently
babs76 Posts: 1000
I'm 29 weeks - thanks for the replies - it's not actually my belly button but about an inch or two from it...sounds like stretching could be the answer alright but I said i would ask anyway I suppose these niggly pains and aches are all part and parcel of being pregnant thanks again for you replies - hope all your pregnancies are going well