What are you putting in your bathroom baskets

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Lucky Mrs Posts: 1167
Im having a basket of flip flops and then another with Deodorant Hairspray Hairclips Plasters Make up remover wipes Anything else? Also h2b asked what he will put in his? I said deodorant & plasters cant think of anything else a man would need :o0
buddylove Posts: 3288
I was at a wedding recently and had a bit of a mishap with my dress. My mom did the straps and she must have done it weird cos It kept coming down low at the front... So if i was recommending anything I wouls say a few safety pins would be handy... I was lucky the lady behind the bar had them and pinned the back of my dress.
seedee Posts: 1017
definitely safety pins. maybe a few pairs of cheap tights. people always get runs. or clear nailvarnish.
Girl Posts: 195
Tooth floss and mints
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
Tights, mints, vaseline, lip gloss!?
Lucky Mrs Posts: 1167
Thanks girls will put them in only will be leaving out the mints, seen this done before and a girl came out of toilets and took one out of the packet in basket but never washed her hands until after she had handled the mints. Disgusting for the next person who actually took one. Any suggestions for the mens toilets?
seedee Posts: 1017
i dont think they really care. deodorant, aftershave maybe, hair gel, and if you're not keen on the mints idea, what about breath spray?
Lucky Mrs Posts: 1167
[quote="seedee":2wub7fgm]i dont think they really care. deodorant, aftershave maybe, hair gel, and if you're not keep on the mints idea, what about breath spray?[/quote:2wub7fgm] Never thought of hair gel for the lads and the breath spray is a really good idea
Scruff1 Posts: 3139
How about cotton buds...I know they seem a bit random but can be good for girls fixing their eye makeup!
survivor Posts: 2507
In mine I have: Deoderant Vaseline Tampons Sanitary towels Cotton buds Face wipes Mouth rinse Tooth picks Dental Floss (essential as we're having fillet steak) Party feet Tic Tacs Plasters Safety Pins I got the lot in Boots using the points on my card :o)ll