what to buy for twins

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biscuit Posts: 166
Hi there! Hope this isn't off topic but a friend of mine has just had twins- boy and a girl.She also has a little 2yr old boy as well. Just wondering what I can buy her. Any mums of twins out there? What was your most useful present? Anyone else buy for twins? Thanks
Fairywings Posts: 360
Other than the normal gift of clothes, maybe a gift voucher for a kids clothes shop. Or if its a really good friend how bout a voucher towards getting the babies hand & foot print done. They do it in most Brown Thomas I think. I know they do it in Lim. I think thats a lovely present but more expensive.
hipbaby Posts: 4530
My friend had triplets and she asked for basics like Grobags, swaddle blankets etc! You could get Chocolate birdie grobag for the boy and a cerise birdie for girl http://www.hipbaby.ie/newborn-baby-c-8.html Alternatively Taggies are very popular http://www.hipbaby.ie/babies-clothes-c-178.html
dec2011B2B Posts: 452
As a mom to 4 month old twins i have to say the most usefull gifts i got were grobags, babygro's and vests in a range of sizes, got very few stuff in 0-3months so some in that size also.