whats your take home salary

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monkeyflower Posts: 264
just curious to how much other people are living on? really strugglin through this recession. only one regular wage comin in and dh picks up work here and there. de cost of childcare is crazy so if he got full time he wud need really good job. cant c how well ever afford another one. how do ye all do it? pay mortage or rent bills and childcare and have anythin left
Jacqueline Hyde Posts: 1145
Feck all. I take home as much as OH pays in tax....
draiocht Posts: 483
€0 Dh work, i dont - 3 kids-full time mum Dh probably takes home €3k at most thats with expenses, and mortgage is 1.4k We get by, how i dont know but we do!
Littlebo Posts: 2598
Maybe start a poll so people can post and you may get a better insight to it all.
delgirl Posts: 1706
It is hard - we live in UK but I still don't know how others manage to get by sometimes here. We do work hard and we earn a decent wage. I work three days a weeks, DH five. We have one car, a mortgage etc. We try hard to make sure we do not have loans and credit card bills etc. We only buy things for the house as we can afford them. We always try and save money each month but we still just about manage. We will definately not be having any more kids as we could not afford another and things over here are only going to get worse :o(
MrsDr Posts: 1316
I submitted just my wage, myself and DH take home the same amount, probably 5k together a month and we "just get by" mortgage 1,100, two cars to run, the usual bills plus management fees of 700 a year!
mammyslittlerogue Posts: 2184
DH works 6 days a week and i work 3, we just about manage, we fell behind a little on mortgage but we got some help from the bank for a few months, we got a 40yr 100% mortgage, have 2 cars to run as we both commute to Dublin, so lucky to have familt to mind DS though we will have a childmonder 1 day from Dec as MIL is struggling with the 2 early mornings so thats gonna be an extra €120 per month and as yet i dunno how we will manage but we are gonna have to! My mam is also looking into full time course from Sept so that' will be another days childminding per week we need at €45 per day so our childcare cost will have gone from €30 per week to €110 per week (we are still lucky compared to others) but we dont go out, barely get to the cinema and DH car is a little banger which needs to be upgraded but wth all the loans we cant, we have no savings....
rosiemama Posts: 3363
the cost of living must be so high in southern ireland. we are in the north, i work part time and take home 1300, DH takes home 2000. our mortgage is 1000 but we still have more than enough to live comfortably and have quite a bit of savings put away. saying that though, we rarely go mad spending money and have very few big nights out in a year. we haven't gone abroad on holiday in nearly 5 years either.
wifetob Posts: 936
Our combined income is over 5K per month - DH and I are lucky to have good, well paid stable jobs but they are very stressful and not without there problems. We have some loans but still have good income over expenditure - that being said we did alot of needless spending in our twenties and after our wedding we got serious wrt our money and starting budgeting and watching every penny - to the extent that we really do over-analyse any spending which can be quiet exhausting. Hoping to TTC#2 soon which means we will need to upgrade our car but we are very lucky and we do acknowledge that every day
jan8 Posts: 554
should you have put in more options?! i ticked 3k+ as well but it's not a lot. we've always split stuff down the middle but some months it's very hard for one or other of us to pay our half. no savings any more...