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milis Posts: 7998
We told our parents between 9 and 10 weeks. It just suited us to have some time to enjoy the news for ourselves, and to make some decisions before people had a chance to disagree with them :o0
Bgerk Posts: 118
Thanks for your replies. Still can't decide what to do though! I am ready to tell them but I don't want to push DH into it. We're going to their place for dinner tonight, his dad is the type that is sort of offended if you don't accept a drink- not looking forward to tonight if we don't tell them! He just doesn't give up, all night he'll be trying to push me into having something. I think his mum sussed over easter, she even said to DH 'I noticed Bgerk didn't touch her wine today'.
Mammyof2Princesses Posts: 3745
Told my parents and sister the day we found out - nephews 1st birthday party so there would have been no way of hiding it - mam was sus anyway!! :o0 Told Dh's parents at 6 and a half weeks! *) Didnt tell another person until after 1st hospital app and scan at 12 weeks
fifteensept Posts: 565
To be honest everyone is different.....I am now 29wks PG we didnt tell either sets of parents untill we were the 12 Wks now maybe if the timing was different we may have told them sooner (12wk on Xmas day) but I have no regrets on not telling them sooner they live in different counties to us so we hadn't seen them on the build up to xmas....also its nice having alittle secret just you and DH they are very special wks between the two of you....
susie05 Posts: 204
emm..i told my mammy the minute the pee was dry on the stick..lol..in other words straight away Sure i mean if anything were to go wrong isnt it always our Mammies & Daddies we turn to immediatly anyway?
Peaseblossom Posts: 6642
told them the same week we found out
Diamondz Posts: 2208
we told our parents immediately too.. couldn't keep it in.... my mum and I are more like sisters and are very close - wanted her to be able to share every moment of it with me....
miracle_baby Posts: 798
Told my parents the day I found out, within 30mins :o0, it's nice that my mum knows as she can share advice etc.
Dreamster Posts: 6620
It's totally a personal choice imo. My mum guessed :eek but kept it to herself and then we told Dh's parents at around 11 weeks and asked them to keep it quiet until the scan. It isn't about it going wrong - for us, it just makes it a very long pregnancy if everyone knows at the very beginning.
Emme Posts: 4735