When having a C secion in the Rotunda?

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M Chereux Posts: 391
Hi there, Those of you who had a C section in the Rotunda did u get stitches or staples or what is the procedure in there?? I have another 6 weeks left. Thanks ! M
stephnyc Posts: 414
I cant be 100%, but I think I had stitches.. I didnt have to get them taken out anyway, and the scar is tiny and never caused me any problems. I had an elective c-section as DD was breech, not sure if an emergency section is different
Lizzy1 Posts: 4128
I had a section 4 months ago and i got a bead, it basically has a little bead on each end of a long thread (IYKWIM) when they're taking it out they cut the bead off 1 end and pull the thread through, not sore at all getting it taken out, hope i explained it right :-8 :-8 Good Luck :wv :wv
M Chereux Posts: 391
Thanks very much for the replies, I have never heard of a bead before. I just dont like the sound of staples and stitches I would feel would be the best option as they dissolve away. anyone else want to share what they had after a C section
Perci Posts: 3847
I had staples on my first section. They're not painful at all when being taken out. I had staples on the second section too but I had complications (nothing to do with the staples) and the wound then had to be stitched. The stitches needed to be removed too and that wasn't painful either. The area is numb after a section, even months later the area can be numb.
amberjack Posts: 1273
I had the bead too, but I think it depends on whoever does the section as different docs have different methods.
Mustang Sally Posts: 394
It depends on the surgeon. It doesn't make much of a difference really but if you want stitches just ask the obstetrician - holler it over the drape - "Excuse me! Stitches please!".