When you started showing - No 2

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Pigglywinks Posts: 46
Hi All, Haven't posted here in a very long time but found out a few weeks ago I'm expecting number 2. Just wondering when was the earliest ye started to show. I feel my trousers getting tighter already and I'm only 7 weeks tomorrow! Think i will have to root out the maternity wear from the attic soon :o( thisyear
MummyLuv Posts: 2478
Hiya congrats !! I had to tell work at 6 weeks as I was def showing and now at 13 am most definitely pregnant looking had to go into maternity clothes three weeks ago. Def think u get bigger faster on your second but having said that I was big early on with my DD too
im waiting Posts: 2727
I was the same as you at that stage, none of my jeans fitted me for a long time but as far as I know it was all fluid, well in my case anyway, but I didn't really Start showing until around 18 weeks but at 25 weeks I'm smaller than I was at this stage with dd. I was more to the front with dd but I'm all around this time so that could be something got to do with it Congradulations to you by the way and I wish you the very best of luck throughout your pregnancy
Fairywings Posts: 360
Firstly, Congrats. I was def showing by 8 weeks on my 2nd, without a doubt so much so that we had to tell a few people by 9 and half weeks. On my first pregnancy I cld have hid it till bout 18 wks if I wanted to.
Greece Posts: 1800
Great post - good to know when bump starts :o0 I feell big already at 6 weeks but Ive heard it bloating so hopefully Im normal!
short n sweet Posts: 1802
I have a very definate bump now - been there last 2 days! - but I was showing early on DD too - I got a bump with her about 14 weeks but it didn't get much bigger until towards the end - I will deffo be in maternity jeans from this weekend I think!
Hearts07 Posts: 540
Hi, I started showing at about 10 weeks and then nothing happened for a few weeks but I was definetely in maternity clothes earlier on this time and I feel much much bigger!
Wannabe Posts: 181
I thought i was showing at 9/10 weeks, but think it was just fluid, i didnt start really showing until recently at 20 wks, im still in my own jeans !! On my DS i was in maternity wear at 15wks
skittles Posts: 1312
i grew out of my own clothes very quickly this time, at around 7 weeks id say, on dd i was wearing my own clothes for longer. but saying that, no one asked me if i was expecting til i was around 22 weeks so it was a long time til i had an obvious bump
corkrebel Posts: 744
oh thanks be to God that I am not the only one! :o0 I was in maternity pants last weekend and I am only 12 weeks thsi Friday...! did not get into mat clothes on DD until about 16wks...but I am heavier getting pregnant this time around ... :-8 O:o) O:o)