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missc Posts: 875
Where will you be leaving from the morning of the wedding. I know its traditional to leave from your mothers house and thats what my mother wants, but to be honest i dont really want to stay in mams the night before, i know i would get a much better sleep in my own house. Also our house is 5min drive to church, whereas mam's is 35mins from church so it would be alot easier for me to travel the short distance cos i know i will need to go to the loo every 5 mins with nerves. H2B doesnt mind if he has to do the travelling, men are so laid back about these silly little issues. Sorry for the waffling. What will everyone else be doing? Thanks :thnk O-O
snowwhite Posts: 1034
im leaving from my mams but its only because it would be easer for h2b and its fairly the same distance from both houses, alot of brides are chosing to leave from there own house these days do what you want,
Mrs Snuffleupagus Posts: 554
Leaving from my own house. Not getting married at home you see. Couldn't bear getting married in the same church where my mothers' funeral mass was. I hope it goes ok. Might have to get in a few people to help me clean the week beforehand. I dont think my dad minds.
wexfordbell Posts: 1065
Hey Im planning on leaving from own house as i much prefer getting ready there with everything at hand
lindy Posts: 1135
hi im the same as yourselfs , were we live the church is 5min up the road and from mams house its 30mins, but i will be staying with my mam and dad . h2b will be staying in our house and bestmen will be staying over with him, ah sure its only for one night ,you wont sleep anyway ,up all night thinking!!!!!!
Singstar Posts: 323
I'm leaving from my mam's. Whay don't you have your mam and bridesmaids stay over the nigt before that way they'll be there for you first thing in the morning.
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
I'm leaving from my parent's house, handier for the church etc and one of my bm's is staying there that night and we're planning pizza and girly dvds! (how exciting for my last night of freedom!)...but if you feel you'd sleep better in your own place go for it, have them over to yours, afterall you're the bride.
montblanc Posts: 385
I'm leaving from my Mom's house too even though its not that handy really, about an hour and 15 mins from the church. Everyone says my dress will be ruined during the journey but I don't want to get ready in a hotel. (my own house is 3 hours from church so that's no good either!)
timebomb Posts: 52
I'm leaving from my mams and my sisters are coming back for the night too it'll be lovely to all be there together in the morning especially for my dad he loves it when we're all around.
yabadoo Posts: 2
Im going to leave from my Mums house. She doesnt live that far away from me and it makes so much more sense for me to go over to hers to get ready. Shes great at helping out with those kinda things. And also I dont want my Dp to see me beforehand.