where is daintree??

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lil-star Posts: 3149
im going to dublin next week and was going to pop into daintree, do i need to make an appointment or anything? and another stupid question... where exactly is it? :-8
jan8 Posts: 554
hey there i've never heard of having to make an appt with them but sure could you ring to check? it's on camden st, if you walk up georges st it becomes wexford then camden st and it's an orange shopfront (i think) on the right. their stuff is dear but it's gorgeous!
lil-star Posts: 3149
ohh is it dear? is there any other paper shops in the city then?
yummymumm Posts: 824
I didn't think it was dear - depends on what you want of course. I got enough for 100 invites & RsVPs inc ribbon & envelopes and all for 177.00. Everyone has commented on my invites too! Do you know where the bleeding horse pub is? Or the Red Box/Pub? If you park near the bleedin Horse, you can walk back down towards it, it has an orangy yellow canopy out the front. Lovely shop! Going back towards town its on the left hand side accross the road from a Londis or centra I think. :wv [/u]
B2BSept07 Posts: 106
I didn't find Daintree to be too expensive either. I got enough paper and envelopes for about 130 invites and rsvps for about €170 also. Their stuff is very nice quality. They are so helpful also. We had to go back in and get paper cut and creased and throughout our visits, they were extremely nice and knew their stuff. Lantz is just up the street from daintree and they do bridal sutff and invites etc also. Walk towards the canal from Daintree and you'll pass Lantz.
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
I think I must have chosen expensive paper, mine altogether came to 250euro and i saved still by getting my paper from pda cards and crafts cos I compared prices and daintree was more expensive. pda didnt do the envelopes in the matching paper so i went to daintree to get them last week. 96 euro for enevelopes for 50 day invites and 80 evening. i almost fell over.
Mrs Malefesense Posts: 1440
For anyone reading the post and looking to source envelopes I recommend worldofenvelopes.com. They're based in the UK so the courier costs put the prices up a bit but the ranges and colours etc to choose from are out of this world
Grace Ann Posts: 2464
God wish I had known earlier malefesence *) oh well. i think i still saved quite a bit.