where you all getting your invites?

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Dezy26ni Posts: 321
need some serious inspiration. Im from the North but I dont mind sourcing them from anywhere - UK, ROI, America. Where you gettin yours? D
corkgirl08 Posts: 175
Just ordered mine today from www.indianweddingcard.com some of the invites on the site are maybe not so suitable for Irish weddings but there are some great colourful, different styles if you look through them. mine are purple pocketfold style with silver flowers !!!!!!
ScarlettoHara Posts: 8442
www.bandidooriginals.com Julie is the girls name, shes brill. You should request some samples from her web site. I designed our invites and she was so helpful sending out samples etc Best of luck :wv
burgundy4me Posts: 154
I'm getting Laura Ashley invites from www.amazon.com. Getting them sent to my Aunt in the States and she'll post them to me. There're really pretty and great value *)
sillysocks Posts: 1390
Haven't ordered them but think we're going to order from www.bigdaycards.com - they're Irish and the lady is brill to deal with. Very reasonable as well - 200eur for 100 invites and reply cards.
caoimh Posts: 479
i ordered mine from love letters, they are fab i love them... they are in the net so check them out
Mrs C at last Posts: 1672
wedding-invitations-ireland.com I found them brill, their in Cork.
chatter2cat Posts: 996
Painted a stylised brightly coloured painting of the village where we're getting married, had the local printer print it onto textured card and folded into A5. Bought C5 nice quality envelopes in a complimentary light blue textured paper. Hand wrote the wording on folded A4 tracing paper in blue fountain pen using a computer print out as a template underneath the tracing paper which kept every invite really neat and my handwriting constant, and glued them in the cards along the fold. Also hand signed the front of the card under the painting with date and print number (ie 1/60) and used same fountain pen to address the envelopes. 60 cost around £50 total (what's the exchange at the moment?! - about 1.50 euro each and it took a day for the printer to do the prints and about 5 hours total to do the rest. Surprisingly easy and they look great if I do say so myself, really unique, loads of compliments so far and I've only given out a few. It can be quite easy to make your own if you fancy it. Hope you find what you want!
eddleMc Posts: 33
we got ours in Lantz- very reasonable and they were ready within a couple of weeks.
sarhar101 Posts: 381
We got DIY in Daintree (www.daintree.ie), and it did take long time to make them, but me & the HTB had a great laugh - a few bottles of wine and The Apprentice in the background! Great if you're on a budget... O:o)