word of warning about bread soda and heartburn

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dita Posts: 960
Girls just to let you know for those who are being told thats it o.k to take breadsoda while pregnant for heartburn ..well it totally isn't Breadsoda is very concentrated and has been proven to destroy the calcium in the babies body..In my work I've met numerous mothers who said they took breadsoda and their babies had seizures after birth due to the lack of calcium in their bodies... Don't know why it doesn't say on the packet not suitable in pregnancy...
Toblerone Posts: 2698
thanks Dita for that info. Doctor told me only Gaviscon and nothing else. Luckily only had to use it once (touch wood!). All those variants of sodium bicarb like baking soda, bread soda, cooking soda, bicarbonate of soda are unsuitable.
Little Miss Hopeful Posts: 1193
on the Rennies pack it says its suitable for pregnancy related heartburn
SGirl Posts: 2542
Yeah im taking Rennie the odd time i hope this is ok!