worried sick about pre marraige course

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gottabfp Posts: 5641
having nightmares about doing pre marraige course. accord is over two days? am i right? is there any over just one day?
s wife Posts: 1445
i was the same as you but it realy was ok we did ours with avalon it was for 3hrs and it was just the two of us they are based in Dundrum :wv
skittles Posts: 1312
what is it that you are worried about? we had a great time, ours was just one evening in drogheda,but there was so many other couples there that we all had a great laugh and it was quite an enjoyable evening.
Gidz Posts: 290
There's honestly nothing 2 worry about. We had a laugh doing ours! We did with Accord 1 friday evening and all day saturday. Actually really enjoyed it. Met some lovely people. U dont have 2 talk about anything personally or anything like that, i thought i did and i was shitting meself. :o0
Lanzbride09 Posts: 188
we're doing the MRCS one, its just 3 hours!! its non denominational though so make sure its ok with your priest before you book it.
bridgieb Posts: 113
Ah, you'll have nothing to worry about. We done our Pre-Marriage course with Avalon in Knocklyon, it was run on a Saturday from 11 - 5. We were aprehensive at first but ended up really enjoying the day. :wv
bridetobe2009 Posts: 1423
Try not to worry about it.Most of my friends who did the pre-marriage course found it great and wasnt what they expected at all.
marianf Posts: 5845
I was worried too but we did the one day course in All hallows in Dublin and it was brilliant. ABSOLUTELY NO GROUP WORK :o)ll Everything you discuss is just between you and h2b and you dont share with the group.
AnthonyHutton Posts: 2235
boring as hell
gottabfp Posts: 5641
ah thanks girls, feel a bit more reassured now. looking at the bookings and nothing atound avaliable til next march. il ring the priest and see which one he wants us to have.