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i want one Posts: 2893
Hi girls Ive been called for my anomly (spelling!) scan and i will be only 13/14 weeks by then. it says on the letter than this may be my one n only scan if pregnancy is considered low risk. now i googled it this morning and it says babys brain and heart woulndt be fully developed at this stage of pregnancy so i suppose if there was a problem they wouldnt be able to detect it? I was told by my doctor that at the hospital im going to that the scan would prob be at 18-22 weeks, but when i rang the hospital she said the waiting times have been reduced so im being called early (way too early if i go by the internet. damn it for search engines!) I just think 26 weeks is way too long to go without a scan as in from 14 weeks pregnant to the due date? i know i suppose i could always book a private scan for later in the pregnancy? What do ye think or am i worrying over nothing? :xxx
tinyfeet Posts: 3482
I Want One, that sounds kind of early for an anomaly scan alright. They’re normally done around 20 weeks or after. I suppose like you said you can just book a private scan yourself. I am doing that because at my 21 week appointment with the hospital I don’t think they’re going to give me a scan.
LMR Posts: 1925
Presumably its a nuchal scan you're having if you're having it so early where they can measure the thickness of the neck to assess the risk for Downs. By this point the organs won't be fully developed but tehy will be able to tell if they are developing normally up to this point. A lot of areas/hospitals only offer you one scan, but usually its a little later. Speak to your consultant if you're concerned. Techinically there is no need for scans at all if you're low risk, but they give piece of mind and hep detect problems. Some people even choose not to have them. I personally wouldn't be happy either if I thought I'd only get one scan, but if its hospital policy I don't know how much you can do apart from getting a private scan done later.
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Do not google anything - it just causes more stress. It's funny most mums to be are giving out that they won't get any scan until 20-22wks! It's strange how hospitals run differently to each other. Some hospitals do not do any further scans after the initial one so if that is your hospital policy they will only do one if necessary. At 14 wks they can see loads and determine how organs/bones are developing - we had private one at 15wks and were amazed at how much could be seen. If they have any concerns they will just schedule you for further tests/scans. As regards going from 14 wks to due date without scan - there is no need to do another one really - it's more uncomfortable for mum and harder to see all of baby as time they get bigger and move around much more. plus you will have more apts for the final 10 wks so will hear babs heartbeat alot and probably will be feeling and counting movements from about wk 24 onwards so this is another indicator that all is ok. I'd be delighted to hear i was getting scan at 14wks and just take it from there without reading into google too much. jmo :wv
Emme Posts: 4735
I wouldn't worry per se cause I'm sure all is well but I wouldn't be happy about it. Could you ask to reschedule? Like I'm sure they have tons of girls who are the opposite of you and waiting ages for a scan. A lot of people don't seem to get anomoly scans at all.
i want one Posts: 2893
thanks for all your replies girls. I probably will end up just booking a private scan for later in the pregnancy, i dont have a problem paying for a scan but i just dont know how one hospital can vary so much. like ye said i bet there are loads of girls further along going to this hospital who have not been called for their scans yet. I genuinely thought they got the dates wrong but when i rang them yesterday she said sure if you've been called sure come on in, if they pick up anything strange they will give u scan later again. As for it being a nuchal scan im not sure i thought that u only got this if u requested it? im all confused! Thanks for all yer help, i think ill say it to them the next day about what i was reading and they might put me in for another scan because im anxious! or else ill just book a private one for around the 20 weeks mark. emme you are nearly there. you must be super excited. :o)ll :xxx
Emme Posts: 4735
i want one you're being silly now - i have aaaaagggeesss to go! I think my ticker is wrong..please God let my ticker be wrong!!! Doesn't sound like a nuchal test, thats a big deal test you request or are advised to take and is more than a scan. The anomaly is actually a really really enjoyable scan, they take ages with you and you see babs from all angles and get great pics. Course they gave me my result so I gave it an good old analysis and had a panic over it even though it was completely normal!