Would you buy second hand car seat?

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buttercupbabe Posts: 1224
Hi girls, We are hoping to buy the quinny buzz travel system. There seems to be plenty available online second hand which are in good condition & reasonably priced but I'm not sure how I feel about buying a second hand car seat /base. Do you think it's risky? Thanks
pag Posts: 633
I wouldn't buy a second hand seat but if I was given one and knew the prior user (including knew it had never been in any crashes etc) I would probably use it. I bought secondhand travel system for DD and the seller through in the maxi cosi for free saying it had never been in any crashes. We knew the seller so decided to use it. That said I will be getting a new one for this baba as the one we used last time is now well over 5 years old and I would be worried about the integrity of the plastic and supports. I'm not sure about the bases - I think using second hand base would be ok. If buying secondhand - see if they will sell without the carseat and base.
keyra Posts: 801
No i would never buy a second hand car seat. If you get one second hand from a family member or someone you know well and can be sure of the history of it, thats different but the advice always given is dont buy one if you cant be 100% sure of its history.
i want one Posts: 2893
No I wouldnt buy a second hand car seat either. keep an eye out in the shops sometimes when the colours are changing u could pick up the older colour cheap enough.
Delphinium Posts: 3027
As others have said, only if I knew its history for certain. Even if it looks undamaged, it may not be 100% safe if it was in an accident. For the same reason you would be recommended to buy a new car seat if (God forbid) you had an accident with LO in the car.
SparkleX Posts: 1057
No, I wouldn't take the risk, not for the sake of a hundred euro. You just couldn't be sure of it's safety...