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loveone Posts: 5
Hello everybody, I am wondering about the early scans, I had a scan due to bleeding at 6wks and heart the wonderful babs heart beat. I have had no pains so to speak of and no bleeding since. My husband and I said at the beginning of the pregnancy we might go for an early scan as preg progresses. Tbh money is a bit tight at the minute and because Ive had to pain or blood since do you think all is ok? Would you bother with the early scan then or would you be happy enough to wait until your first scan in the hospital? I am 8wks now. Thank you all, I would love to hear your replies
mysteriousmise Posts: 1783
Given you had a scan at 6 weeks and heard the heartbeat, I probably wouldn't bother now, and would hold off till your first hospital appointment. You've no specific reason to be concerned (and especially not since you heard the heartbeat) so I probably wouldn;t spend the money.
tilsun Posts: 4506
It would depend on when my first hospital scan would be. I had an early private scan on DD and loved it so much I thought I'd go back every week, but they are so expensive it's hard to justify. So that was my one and only. But if I won the lotto I'd have a scanner put into my spare room :)
loveone Posts: 5
[quote="tilsun":3obn5fx5] But if I won the lotto I'd have a scanner put into my spare room :)[/quote:3obn5fx5] :o0 Now that sounds brilliant, I think Id do that too! All this worry then would be answered in a few mins :o0 Yeah I suppose that's very true, since I did hear heart beat it has stopped me wondering so much. My dh was just saying it today, is it worth the money the fact the heart beat has been heard, our app in the hospital wont be til between 12-16 wks. Thanks girls
BabasFor2012 Posts: 1594
If you already saw a heartbeat I really wouldn't bother, especially if money is tight. You see so little on the scans before about 12 weeks anyway. The €100 odd for the scan could buy a fair few bits for the baby, personally I'd save it.
loveone Posts: 5
Girls thanks you really are making me see sense and calm down!!! :-8
Fx and tx Posts: 378
You have nothing to be worried about as you heard the heartbeat and have had no reason for concern since the scan. Sit back and enjoy your pregnancy although I know its easier said than done. We had a scan at 8 weeks and saw the heartbeat...have hospital scan next Wednesday we can't wait....it will be exciting to tell everyone :o)ll