Yet another reason to love Johnny Depp

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sinion Posts: 6050
[quote:u7ctds1g]Johnny Depp paid a secret visit to London's Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital on Sunday - and donated $2m of his own money to thank staff for saving his young daughter's life. The 'Sweeney Todd' star arrived unexpectedly at the hospital, where his eight-year-old daughter Lily-Rose was treated last year when her kidneys failed. Last week, the actor - who has two children with his partner Vanessa Paradis - invited five Great Ormond Street doctors and nurses to the party for the London premiere of his film 'Sweeney Todd' [b:u7ctds1g]Last November, unknown to the public, Depp spent four hours at the hospital telling bedtime stories to patients dressed as Captain Jack Sparrow after having his 'Pirates of the Caribbean' costume flown over from Los Angeles.[/b:u7ctds1g] In March last year, Lily-Rose, Depp's oldest child, spent nine days at Great Ormond Street after E.coli poisoning led to the failure of her kidneys. [/quote:u7ctds1g] Now I know i'm hormonal but that bit about dressing up as Captain Jack to read stories, I was sobbing :weep [url:u7ctds1g][/url:u7ctds1g]
charli Posts: 5994
how sweet, he is a real family man, which makes him all the more adorable :lvs
Gonetopasturesgreener Posts: 3556
Oh what a sweetie!!! :lvs I'm in tears here! :weep
Valkstar Posts: 2747
I read that this morning and thought it was one of the nicest things I'd read in a long time. He sounds like such a nice guy..............and gorgeous too >:o)
Shannoncailin Posts: 1038
I'd say he will get an Oscar nomination for Sweeney Todd! How he didn't get one for the Libertine I will never know.
shorty 08 Posts: 358
love him :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs
Italy07 Posts: 5409
That is just sooooo sweet!
2009 Bride Posts: 990
As the title said, its just another in a long list of reasons to adore him!! :lvs :lvs
meeeeeow Posts: 1349
AWWWW - That is so sweet :lvs :lvs
Mrs Knockers Posts: 3514
as if we needed another reason to love him :lvs :lvs :lvs :lvs