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Here at Auntie Katies we provide care and entertainment for your kids on your wedding day. We cater for various packages to suit you on your big day including our most popular package that is a 24 hour care and entertainment package. We like to ensure your children and any other children at the wedding are having fun and are being cared for all day long.

Looking forward to hearing from you all.

Love always and happy planning,

Katie x


32 reviews
Quality of service5.0/5
Elma Fitzgerald
Added 27th Jan 2023
Wedding 21st Jan 2023
Absolutely fantastic service!! Everyone was asking about Clodagh and where we found her. Clodagh arrived to the house the morning of our wedding and put everyone's mind at ease. Not only did she mind our son but she also helped myself (bride), offered advice when needed and was like a ninja jumping in to get Oisíns attention for photos. We wanted our son to be part of our special day but without him getting too over whelmed. Clodagh involved him in every aspect of the day from the church, photos and even some dancing. She was like a babysitter/wedding planner/advisor all in one. Clodaghs experience with children and attending weddings really shone through. The best money we spent!! We would highly recommend Clodagh!! She is absolutely amazing at what she does!!
Added 4th Jan 2023
Wedding 30th Dec 2022
What a fantastic service! Clodagh was waiting for us when we arrived at the hotel, and immediately bonded with the children; we were two families with 4 kids under 6. She had them all day and overnight and they loved her. She kept in touch throughout, and sent us pictures of the fun they were having. I had to bribe my children to come down to the wedding reception as they “were having too much fun with Clodagh”. Knowing that the kids were happy & safe, gave us great peace of mind and we were really able to relax and enjoy the wedding. Thank you so much to Clodagh & Auntie Katie’s – I would highly recommend your services.
Sarah Griffin
Added 3rd Jan 2023
Wedding 28th Dec 2022
We are so happy we decided to book auntie Katie’s, we would of been lost without Clodagh. She was so friendly with the kids and kept them entertained all day. She was absolutely brilliant with our 9 month old and checked in with us all day! She had a great attitude we really enjoyed her presence on the day! She even hunted down bridesmaids for pictures ???? I would highly recommend this service!!
Mairead Healy
Added 5th Jan 2023
Wedding 27th Dec 2022
We had Auntie Katie look after our three year old for our wedding day and she was amazing. Katie is fantastic with children and has such a nice way about her my son just loved her straight away. He was sick the day of the wedding but it didn't phase Katie she was fantastic. Everyone was asking us who was the lady minding Jamie and thought we had known her for a long time when I said he had just me her that morning they could not believe it, she is just so professional and great at what she does. Jamie is a real mommy's boy and I was really worried about who would mind him on the day but with Auntie Katie there I was able to relax and enjoy my wedding day knowing Jamie was in good hands. Anyone who is getting married and has children I would highly recommend Katie, it was without a doubt the best money I spent the day of the wedding, thank you so much Katie
Miriam and Tadhg
Added 24th Dec 2022
Wedding 16th Dec 2022
Katie was fantastic with our six month old. She ensured that the baby was involved at a level to suit her schedule. She removed any anxiety or worries we could have had, making the whole day stress free. We would definitely recommend Katie.
Lisa Buttimer
Added 5th Jan 2023
Wedding 15th Dec 2022
My husband and I got married on December 15th 2022. We have a 1 year old son and a 3 month old son. Katie came to the home house and was absolutely fantastic. I was so worried about how my eldest would react but he absolutely loved her. We have been asked since the wedding for Katies number. She is all people are talking about. I couldn't recommend her enough !! We will 100% get her again.
Added 17th Dec 2022
Wedding 10th Dec 2022
Katie was outstanding the day of our wedding, she took great care of our 14 month old son Dermot and he had so much fun with her. We were really at ease knowing that Dermot was happy and he could join the celebrations when he wanted. Our guests and the hotel staff all commented how great Katie was too, she was like part of the family. Katie was very flexible and worked around the times that suited us. Such a great service and will definitely recommend to anyone I know.
Karen and Kevin
Added 6th Jan 2023
Wedding 19th Nov 2022
We couldn't have asked for better with Katie. She did an amazing job minding our 11 month old the weekend of our wedding. Katie is very experienced and intuitive; our daughter Rhea to her immediately. Katie ensured Rhea was part of the day (they even did the rounds during the drinks reception and dinner which we loved!) but also that she had her naps, meals or was whisked away when things got overwhelming for. Katie was so easy to deal with and professional. Our guests were so impressed with her and how she managed Rhea. Thank you Katie.
Eileen Curtin
Added 3rd Nov 2022
Wedding 29th Oct 2022
We got married at the weekend and Kate took our 11 month old daughter all day and kept her overnight! She brought her into the church for the ceremony and into the reception when aswell. She was absolutely amazing with her and we didn't have to worry one bit about her. Aoibheann had her arms out for Kate rather than us. We could enjoy every minute of our big day knowing she was in safe hands. If your thinking of booking Auntie Katies don't wait just do it, you will not regret it ??
Added 20th Nov 2022
Wedding 28th Oct 2022
Can't recommend Katie and Clodagh enough. They were singly the best thing we did for our 3 kids who were attending their aunt's wedding. Communication was brilliant with Katie at time of booking and she took such interest in learning about our kids and what they liked. On the day Katie and Clodagh made sure that the kids were their only focus, so well looked after and they had the best fun. We genuinely knew that they were in great hands from the minute we met the girls. The had so much energy and enthusiasm. The kids got to have great fun but were also brought down to join in the fun when wanted. Without a doubt amazing value for money, the girls went above and beyond and our kids still talk about the great fun they had with Katie and Clodagh.
Michelle costigan
Added 5th Nov 2022
Wedding 28th Oct 2022
Where do I start Katie and clodagh looked after the kids at our wedding recently and all I can say is they are AMAZING ???? ????. There was nothing these women can't do. They made our day so so special by making sure of 2 kids were looked after and also part of our special day. They aren't just babysitters they are so much more than that and the kids had an absolute ball all day. We felt so happy and we knew the kids were happy with them and that made all the difference. If anyone is thinking about booking with Katie don't even question it for a minute best thing we did for our wedding. Forever grateful for all they did on our big day.
Maria Brooks
Added 5th Jan 2023
Wedding 24th Sep 2022
Aunty Katie was a godsend for my wedding! She came to Portugal to look after my two little girls under 3 for 3 days! My girls loved her and enjoyed all the time with her. But not only that me and my now husband were able to completey switch off knowing our little girls were in the capable hands of Katie! I would 100% recommend her to every couple getting married with young children in Ireland or abroad!
Sandra Keohane
Added 4th Oct 2022
Wedding 9th Sep 2022
I honestly cannot speak highly enough of the work kate and her team do we had kate herself for our wedding a few weeks ago and my god I was blown away she cared for 2 very "energetic" 3 year olds and our son and niece. Kate made it look easy from the morning of the wedding in the church the venue and even the following morning they were so well behaved trust me we were shocked ???? honestly the best decision ever made was having kate care for them they didn't look for us once and we were quiet content with that she had everything under control from start to finish!! I personally just want to say thank you so much for everything and making the day so much easier for myself and my sister will 100% be recommending to everyone xx
Added 28th Sep 2022
Wedding 8th Sep 2022
We were blown away by the service provided by Clodagh. Clodagh entertained all 4 of the bridal party kids superbly. She had her hands full with the 3 girls 3,4 & 5 years but managed them better then we could ever hoped for. All the kids who have only ever had immediate family babysitting loved her and took to her straight away. Clodagh made our day taking the kids soon after we arrived at the hotel. The comfort of knowing the kids were happy and safe with her was fantastic. She brought the kids to us several times throughout the evening letting them still be part of the celebrations but allowing us adult time and them wedding free time in between. It really was perfect. Our family didn’t even have to be called on for bedtime help!! The kids have talked very positively about Clodagh and when i asked my 3 year old 3 year old if she liked her she told me she was “so much nice” & my 4 year old told me all the fun things she did with them ???? We received several comments from guests who noticed how fantastic a job Clodagh was doing. Clodagh went above and beyond even helping me with my dress & veil. Thank you so much to auntie Katie’s for giving us such an amazing childminder it really let the whole family enjoy the evening!!
Added 27th Sep 2022
Wedding 2nd Sep 2022
Clodagh minded our 14 week old son on our wedding day & the following day. We would highly recommend Clodagh & Katie from Auntie Katie's wedding babysitter service. It was our first night away from our baby and we felt relaxed and trusted in the excellent care that he got. The service was professional & great communication meant we were kept up to date yet able to relax on the days also. Would highly recommend this service to anyone looking for a wedding babysitter service.
Ben & Chris Kiely
Added 17th Oct 2022
Wedding 27th Aug 2022
We were so worried how our 1 & 2 yr old were going to cope with our wedding day - thank goodness for Auntie Katie ! Kept them entertained and cared for all day long - the kids loved her from the get go - it was such peace of mind for the day and into the night - they had a ball with Katie and it meant we could relax and enjoy our day - Katie couldn’t have done more for them and for us on the day and I couldn’t recommend her highly enough - still can’t believe how instantly the kids took to her it was phenomenal!
Leanne Tierney
Added 9th Jan 2023
Wedding 12th Aug 2022
Kate was absolutely amazing with our two boys. So attentive, kind and caring. They had a great time with her. I would highly recommend this service if you are looking for someone to take care of your little ones either on your big day or if you are a part of someone else’s big day.
Dromquinna Manor
Added 14th Aug 2022
Wedding 12th Aug 2022
Great service. Clodagh was really great with my little boy.
Added 18th Aug 2022
Wedding 11th Aug 2022
We had Katie and Isabelle for our wedding the 11of August minding 6 kids especially our little girl who is 2 which we were so worried that she would not settle with anyone I did not no what to expect but as soon as Katie came when we were doing our pictures she had our daughter smileing straight away and both Katie and Isabelle were absolutely fantastic we did not have to worry the rest of the day our daughter and the rest of the kids loved the hole experience they were so happy all day could not get over how well it went it was the best thing we ever booked out of the hole wedding honestly I would recommend Katie to anyone who is getting married she is just fantastic with kids .thanks so so much for everything Katie ye were truly outstanding
Lisa kiely
Added 26th Sep 2022
Wedding 29th Jul 2022
We had clodagh mind our little boy for our wedding in July. She was amazing from the get go our little boy was stressed that morning and clodagh managed him so well I knew I could relax from the minute I met her and didn’t have to think twice about him during the day we would of been lost without her highly recommend!! Thanks again clodagh ????
Siobhan Stokes
Added 26th Sep 2022
Wedding 18th Jun 2022
Clodagh was amazing from the moment we met her. Our son (17 months) took to her straight away, and he normally doesn’t take to strangers. We were so ease throughout the entire day, as we could see that he was so busy playing and having fun with her. She was so professional throughout the whole experience, we could not recommend her highly enough. She was fantastic!!
Added 26th Sep 2022
Wedding 10th Jun 2022
Clodagh was amazing with our little boy we did not have to worry about him at all. She text with some updates so we knew he was sound asleep so we were able to relax and enjoy with our guests.
Lynsey McCarthy Sweeney
Added 4th Aug 2022
Wedding 5th Jun 2022
We hired Katie to mind our 3 year old son Evan on our wedding day and it was one of the best decisions we made for the wedding. Katie arrived early that morning to our house to meet Evan and came with us to the church and venue and stayed overnight until breakfast the next morning. Katie was fantastic with Evan. It was so lovely to have him with us for the day, but also have the comfort that he was being kept entertained and cared for all day. Evan loved being with Katie and settled with her so well, which helped us enjoy our day even more!! We would 100% recommend Katie!! Such a fantastic service and I would recommend to any parents on their wedding day or celebrating a significant occasion. Lynsey & John
Sarah Power
Added 10th Aug 2022
Wedding 2nd Jun 2022
Katie was minding my Son & nephew (4 & 1.5) for my wedding and I simply can't recommend her enough. She had the boys all day and over night and they loved her. From the moment katie came along she got stuck into playing with the boys, recognising when they needed to be distracted or needed some calm time, having fun and it was amazing to know they were safe and we didn't have to worry. Katie, you are a star and truly amazing. We enjoyed the whole day and it was really mostly down to you and knowing that we didn't have to worry about the boys. The guests at the wedding also commented about what a great service Katie provided. Thank you so much
Grace O Leary
Added 5th Aug 2022
Wedding 27th May 2022
We had the absolute pleasure of having Katie mind our boys for our wedding this year. Her professionalism, caring and understanding were second to none. We didn't have worry about our sons for 1 second from the minute Katie had them until following morning. Katie came to our house few times before wedding so boys were well use to her. Months later and they they still talk about her. HIGHLY RECOMMEND
Arms Hotel Listowel
Added 3rd Aug 2022
Wedding 21st May 2022
We knew Katie was exceptional from the moment she walked in. Katie provided an outstanding service from start to finish & we are forever thankful to her for taking care of our two little ones with such dedication & professionalism. I dread to think how I would have coped if we didn't have her on the day. Our little boy of a year & a half doesn't stay with many people but he took to Katie straight away. Also while the photographer was taking our photos with the kids, Katie was well able to keep them content & looking at the camera for us which is not an easy thing to do. I would highly recommend this amazing wedding Nanny. Katie is highly capable, exceptional at her job. She goes above & beyond for the wedding couples & their children.
Aoife Corr
Added 4th Aug 2022
Wedding 6th May 2022
We had Katie mind our 2 boys from the morning of our wedding to the following morning. They absolutely adored her and 3 months on still speak about her. My oldest is autistic and normally doesn’t settle with many people but he loved Katie straight away. I had absolutely no doubt in my mind from the moment we met Katie that my boys were in loving and safe hands. She went absolutely above and beyond every moment of the day. Almost every guest commented on how absolutely amazing she was all day long. I honestly could not recommend her enough. We will forever be thankful to her for being a part of our day. My boys keep asking when we are getting married again so they can be with Katie lol. Katie you truly are an absolute gem, from the get go it’s clear that you adore kids and love what you do. The boys were so happy the whole time with you and you made myself and Joe completely at ease. Thank you for everything xx
Fiona Buckley
Added 27th Nov 2022
Wedding 22nd Apr 2022
Kate was amazing start to finish. Kate really had her work cut out when minding our 2 girls 4 and 9 and page boy 7. After the church ceremony the vomiting bug hit and hit hard. Kate took them down for little bit of the meal but they wanted to head to the room so they all headed back to the room and she took the best care of gang. And to make 100 times harder our 4 year old daughter was a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic. Kate came to our house before the wedding to get a run down on how to look after clodagh and was so interested in learning how to care for clodagh and her diagnosis went through injection sites and her full care plan. Kate worked so hard all night organising and cleaning up after our girls and page boy. They were really sick and kate was just outstanding and we able to enjoy our night so much knowing that she was taking care of them. All 3 of them absolutely adore her and still ask for her. I have her booked again for another family wedding in 2024 and highly recommend her. It was so hard to find someone to care for type 1 diabetic and kate was so easy to talk to and so eager to learn and she really made our day because we knew all the lads were in the best care.
Gillian O Mahony
Added 26th Sep 2022
Wedding 12th Mar 2022
Clodagh was absolutely fantastic looking after our little girl on our wedding day - she was actually quite unwell but Clodagh took it in her stride & while my little girl usually makes strange she took to Clodagh straight away - she has some kind of magic touch!!!
Jacqui O'Connor
Added 3rd Aug 2022
Wedding 31st Oct 2021
Katie was absolutely incredible from our very first time communicating with her to everh single step of the way on our wedding day. She was looking after our 2 year old who at the time was still Breastfeeding and very much a Mammys boy. I was expecting him to be needing me all day long and to be honest I was a little worried about that- I couldn't have prepared myself for Katie and how her service would have made our whole Wedding Day what it was. Jack took to her so well and was so comfortable in her care. He even fell asleep on her during the ceremony which put my biggest fears to rest that he would need to be up in my arms throughout the vows or worse be roaring crying that I wouldn't lift him and have to be taken out. I feared that but instead I looked down from the alter to see him fast asleep in Katie's arms and I could have cried with happiness knowing he was so content. For the whole day Katie was amazing she entertained not only Jack but his two brothers 8,9 ( My stepsons) and lots of the other kids at the wedding too. She knew when to bring him over to us and when to entertain him. We had the best day and night. Katie took all three boys to bed and slept with Jack ( he had never slept away from us before and I was worried before we met Katie but having seen her magic throughout the day I knew he would be absolutely fine and he was ) She took them to breakfast the next morning and returned our happy rested and fed children to us at 11am. I honestly couldn't recommend Katie more- We would not have had the wedding day we had without her. She was without a doubt the best money we spent on our day and worth it and so so much more. Jacqui O'Connor
Added 4th Aug 2022
Wedding 16th Oct 2021
I highly recommend Katie and her team! She was amazing!!! She and clodagh are naturals with kids and my daughter loved thier bubbly caring character. We used Katie's services for my sister-in-laws wedding and my 2 year old daughter had a ball with Katie. We were able to relax and enjoy the remainder of the night knowing our little girl was in great hands. In addition to this Katie was punctional ànd very professional.
Hazel Molyneaux
Added 20th Dec 2022
Wedding 9th Jun 2021
We got married in June when our little boy was 6 months old. From the minute Katie walked into the house it was as if we knew her all our lives. She blended in effortlessly and is so down to earth and easy to get along with. Our little man had never met her before (even though Katie did offer) and he took to her straight away. We didn’t worry about him once because we knew he was in safe hands. Katie is worth her weight in gold and we couldn’t recommend her highly enough!
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