De 2 Willies

Co. Roscommon

This is the listing page for De 2 Willies located in Co. Roscommon. If you are getting married in Co. Roscommon why not contact De 2 Willies to see what they can offer you for your wedding day?

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Reviews of De 2 Willies

John and Christina Stack
Hi guys,

Christina and John here! We just want to say thank you so much for making our wedding so magical and funny.
We never laughed as much. We are just back from honeymoon and our friends neighbors are still talking about our wedding and De 2 Willies. We are so grateful ye came along to our special day!
It was an amazing day thanks to ye loads. John has been promoting ye big time with the locals and friends all over.
So many laughs that night, perfect timing to come out after dessert, it settled the tone for the rest of the night and the speeches went well after ye which worked out brilliant. Thanks for putting up with us as we were nervous booking ye but looking back now we were so glad we did.
We wish ye all the very best with in the future! We can?t thank ye enough x
Added 8th May 2014
Maggie & John Croghan
Firstly, I would like to thank the lads again for doing the comedy show for our wedding. I can?t say enough about how good it really was. People are still talking about it!
It certainly brightened up the interval. De 2 Willies got a lot of the guests involved, which was great.
It really made our day all that more special?. We highly recommend De 2 Willies?

Thanks again guys,
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