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It's my pleasure to comes with years in the beauty business and a wealth of experience with brides to be and wedding preparation. Focusing on health and wellbeing our range of health supplements and products will make you glow.Helen is a wellness advocate and provide consultations and products regarding health, weight control, skin-care and stress management. As a life and business coach she knows how stressful preparations can be. She supplies the bride & groom with weight management products that are proven through testing and by my clients. She supplies vitality packs that provide all the daily nourishments and support that your wedding party will need throughout the preparations and keep everyone looking and feeling their best.Our products:Veráge Skin Care Collection.Exclusive collection of natural skincare to nourish your skin, helping to reduce visible signs of ageing while promoting a smooth supple complexion. Each product is composed of plant extracts and essential oils and select natural ingredients.doTERRA Lifelong Vitality PackThis supplement pack contains Alpha CRS+, xEOMega and Microplex VMz, Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils, Proprietary omega fatty acid blend, Whole-food vitamins and doTERRA’s TummyTamer. These essential minerals will maintain your body as you get everything ready, socialise & plan.Slim & Sassy Control BarsIs a better way to take control of your weight management and help you on your path to a healthy body. Available in lemon, apricot and apple & cinnamon and containing a spinach extract called Appethyl, which has been clinically proven to reduce appetite for up to 6 hours.doTERRA Emotional Aromatherapy SystemThis selection of Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade essential oils has been carefully formulated to provide targeted emotional heath benefits. Just a few drops of the naturally complex, fragrant blends can elicit a profound emotional response to help you let go of burdens and find comfort and encouragement to dream with passion again.
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